Sunday, September 30, 2007

Swedish Knitting on a Sunday

Yes you read it I drove 2.25 hours ,each way,to WEBS in Northampton,MA to attend a knitting class givevn by Susanna Hansson , authority on Bohus knitting, translator of the Swedish patterns into English. I registered months ago and as the day approached I was wiped out. But, I was very interested in taking an organized knitting class as I never have. Susanna is a wonderful lady, make that with a capital "L". Her love for Bohus (Bowhoose-think choose) is infectious. She explained so much of the history behind this knitting and explained about the dear 72 year old lady still doing the dying in her sausage pot in Sweden. It was all very heartwarming. We had small kits to make wristlets in the Blue Shimmer design. The yarn is amazing and considering Solveig is thinking retirement I must send for at least three kits over the next 6 months or so. This is what the class did, close up of mine is in solitary picture. There are many things that make a Bohus a Bohus, one being gauge 8.5-9 per inch. Another being the yarn....

Here are a few of the sweaters Susanna was kind enough to share..

Of course being at the famous WEBS I had to make a few purchases, I wandered the store and the back warehouse and was overwhelmed. I needd to go back with a clearer head. But I did get this
It is Franklin Sock Yarn by Kangaroo Dyer. 75%wool 25%nylon 450 yards
And this

Socks for DH..yes it is the yarn you think it is by Kaffe Fassett
And this

To add to the yarn I am accumulating for the Modern Quilt Wrap in Folk Style

So that was my day at

Now off to work with no sleep.....again

Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Update

I am posting now but will add pics when I get up. We returned Wednesday, got things in order and went right back to work Thursday night for our 12 hour shifts, same tonight.
So during the vacation I finished the tote, still no straps.(see previous photo)Finished approximately 1 1/2 VOG ON socks for SITMSS,

did a bit on the Foxie sleeve,Hi Bev

  • finished the icord for the Kauni sweater, (see previous post pic)
    and made the tea cosy.

    Yesterday I shipped out a box to my PRGE pal, my Tea Swap Pal and my Secret Pal 11 pal.
    When I got home I had waiting some lovely stitch markers and earrings my SP11 Secret Pal sent. They are so lovely and she made them herself!! I am already using a marker on the Foxie sleeve.

    I also had my Potter Cover Yarn Sock Club first shipment. Carrie never disappoints. The yarn is amazing the pattern is titled "Hedwig"...I can't wait to knit with it.

    I joined some more KALs and Swaps. I am very excited about the mitten swap. Already know what pattern and have ordered the yarn.
    In the next week I will finish and ship the Sockittome Package, the Hogwarts Sock package and almost ready to send off the Monkeys. I believe I have til November 1 on the last 2 so it will be good to be early. I will also be trying to get the straps made so the entrelac tote can be felted as well as start the Stole for the Secret of the Stole KAL. Seems I will be busy again :).
    Sorry no pictures now but will add by day's end.

    Added on
    We hit one more LYS on way home, KnitWitz! in Jacksonville...lovely lady running the place. Looks like a newer place and I wish her much success. I purchased some corn yarn in the colorway Indian Corn and some interesting stitch markers to enclose in the Magic Ball to Vegan Pal.

    ALSO, I received my first box from PRGE Pal sent me the most things!!!! There is an exquisite bowl(lordy how I love dishware)in the most amazing color. The bowl was filled with quacamole yarn goodness and my Pal was kind enough to enclose two recipes, one for Guac the other for a bean salad!!! They sound amazing and since I have to food shop tomorry.......The yarn, o the yarn, there is some amazing Bamboo yarn, some other Classic Elite superwash and some Jamieson's..has she been into my Ravelry stash? I am trying to increases my Jamieson as the Fair Isle bug has bit. All the yarns were the perfect color to be in the bowl and my colors, so right on!!!! Thank you dear sweet Carly You were so very generous to me, I am very lucky. (yes there is a box of Mike and Ikes in the pic, but if I don't mention them I don't have to share right? Sometimes that is the only thing I travel to vending machine for. I dump a pack in my lab coat pocket and appease myself when the traumas have turned into buffoonary!!) Thank you again!

  • Isn't that bowl to die for??

    Wednesday, September 26, 2007


    No-More-Humdrum Mittens Swap Questionnaire
    Please post this questionnaire with your answers on your blog no later than October 14th!

    How long have you been knitting & how did you learn?
    Nearly 40 years, essentially self taught......
    Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced?
    What are your favorite colors? Any you dislike?
    Into dark jewel tones right now, not really a pastel person unless off set by dark
    Do you like Latvian type patterns? If so, what are your favorite patterns?
    Yes, I don't have any one particular favorite
    Do you desire mittens for yourself, your "special someone else" or your child?
    Me, I do the knitting for my special people and often start but don't finish right away me things
    What other things do you enjoy knitting?
    Everything, absolutely everything....colorwork, Aran, Fair Isle,Socks,lace...everything
    What sort of needles do you enjoy working with? (straights vs circs, bamboo vs aluminum)
    Wide range, but I am currently in love with Knit picks harmony, I have he sock dpns set and have ordered the cable needle, some circulars, have asked for the Harmony Option set for Christmas. One can never have enough dpns though, the smaller the better.
    What’s one project you’ve not yet tried but are dying to make?
    My answer used to be Entrelac, but I have done that now...I am not sure, Bohus maybe, but I am taking a class in a few days.
    What’s one yarn you’ve not yet tried but are dying to work with?
    Hmmmm.....there isn't one, I love natural fibers, wools, bamboo, alpaca, just purchased some corn yarn.
    What other hobbies do you have? Do you spin? Sew? Garden? Cook?
    I do not spin but everything else is fair game
    Besides yarn, do you collect anything?
    Eiffel Towers, Mr Potato Heads, antique glass
    What kind of goodies do you enjoy? Sweets? Salty? Anything you hate or are allergic to?
    Sweet and salty, jelly beans, there are nut allergies in the family.
    Do you have any kids? Pets?
    DS1-23, DS2-17
    What is your favorite part of Winter?
    Snow storms, hot chocolate, building snowmen, skiing, snuggling with DH,sweaters,hats
    What is your least favorite part of Winter?
    That it ends.....seriously I always find myself worrying about the homeless sleeping on the street in the cold.

    Tuesday, September 25, 2007

    Going Home

    OK we are finishing breakfast, going to pack and start on our 19 hour drive home. I am hoping to finish the last 8 leaves and 11 flowers for tea cosy, straps for tote, SITM sock 1 done and cast on for 2, more Foxie sleeve. No go on HSS socks and beret. Actually maybe as Foxie sleeve is good in the dark knitting, but I should be driving then shouldn't I? We shall see. Thanks for keeping us company one and all.

    Monday, September 24, 2007

    Not Sure But Happy Anyway

    SO my best guesstimate would be that the bag will be done but for the felting, tea cosy and flowers done but for the assembling, 1/2 of first sleeve of Foxie,1 1/2 socks for Sock It To Me, 1/2 of second sock for Hogwarts, icord for Autumn Leaves is done(not really a biggie :) )I believe I am going to at least cast on for the beret this morning as DH says we are breakfasting then back to room then out to MGM Studios and Epcot World showcase(I have one item to purchase for Tea Swap in Japan or China). Tomorrow is start of drive home, maybe a stop at Kennedy Space Center.
    We spent yesterday at Downtown Disney shopping, then went to a movie, "Brave One", pretty intense movie but it was good. Of course the free drink and popcorn refill was a surprise. We refilled the popcorn because we could but haven't eaten it. Something about getting something for free...

    Saturday, September 22, 2007

    A Disney Free LYS Day

    So DH had printed out a list of LYS along the route and today was declared a we slept in a little and then went in search of LYS. Now, not having been lucky in Ireland x2, we were up against some history of the shops shutting down, burning up, renovating. But, DH called a few and found they were open and we set out. First stop was WinterPark, which the areas surrounding it had me wondering if it would be safe to leave the car without the DPNs along as weapons but lo and behold. Happily, the area is under renovation and seems to want to be quite yuppified as I was distracted by William Sonoma and the fah fah shops, way over my price range. The BLACK SHEEP was where we headed. Parked right out front was a Jaguar. We went inside and if you were a needlepointer there was hundreds of tiny little hanks of yarn hanging up and canvases everywhere. There was a small yarn area in the back, but the 4 or 5 ladies sitting sitting and knitting would have had to get up from there chairs to let me in to see the yarn. From what I could tell from a distance, I still win out with my stash. So strike one.
    Next we went to Sip and Knit in Maitland. They had the most adorable sheep out front and inside was nod different with sheep everywhere. There was a room of yarn, a room of patterns,books,accessories and a room where a few ladies were knitting and some yarn. Once again they had a lovely selection of things, a lot of Ella Rae, but nothing that would improve my stash. I did pick up Knit n Style and Elsebeth Lavold's Book 13.

  • There is a story to that. Once upon a time I bought the anniversary edition of Vogue Knitting and found this picture.

    It is an ad for EL. there was no information about the sweater and I had to go to the EL site and search through the books and found it in the yet released Book 13. I have been googling constantly to find this book and need look no longer. it is mine!!

    So stop 2 was pretty satisfying.
    DH says there is one more place to go. This one he had no info about as he couldn't find a web site. it was KNIT! located in Longwood. We went in and there were two pleasant women who obviously knew one another quite well. We chit chatted and told them we were down from Boston. The owner mentioned she had just been as her grandchild lives up here, NEW grandchild, LOL. She thanked us for coming all the way to her shop when we told her DH had googled shops before we left and our woes of not finding yarn in Ireland. I felt obligated at this point and picked up a circular number 3 and then DH said ,"Did you see the Cherry Tree Hill?" and of course I had to get some, then I noticed the sign NEW COLORS over the TOFUtsies and had to get one, then DH found the NONI pattern and mentioned did I have the Best of Interweave Knits. So less than one hour before the store closes the Nice lady made a sizable sale.
    She thanked us many times and the other woman showed us the Gator Scarf she was making and said how it would match her grandson's snowsuit. They were very nice and considering they were the third stop I am glad I saved my money til then.

    Almost forgot, at the second LYS there was a big book sitting at the counter for purchase, it was nearly 1 1/2 inches thick. It was this book

    I was afraid to buy it as I would then need to visit all the shops listed.
  • Friday Pics on Saturday

    The Halloween Party was fun, we walked right onto rides as we have most of the week. Lots of costumed visitors. The parade had a Halloween theme and was pretty cool. I knit some while waiting on the curb for the parade which caused some stares. By now I would think they would be used to me knitting, lol.
    Anywho here is the Entrelac tote to be felted. The straps will be worked on on the ride home. It was quite an interesting technique and pretty good in the dark knitting. The yarn is KP Wool of the Andes.

    The icord for Autumn Leaves is nearly complete, cmon how long can a 4 stitch icord take? The yarn is Kauni and is very interesting. It feels somewhat scratchy in the hank but when wound and knitted it turns softer. Almost as though an oil has been stimulated in it. I wanted to pick up the ribbing stitches as well but I didn't bring the other color yarn. I worked the icord bamboo needles so will be curious how the Harmony work when I knit the ribbing.

    The tea cosy, made from leftover yarn. Way back I purchased 14 skeins of Patons Classic wool for the Fair Isle tote for MIL, I made that and the Skull tote and still have enough yarn leftover to make the tea cosy. It is a basket weave design and will resemble a flower pot with a handle and many flowers on top. This has to be shipped immediately upon arriving home for the Knit1Tea2 swap.

    The Foxie sleeve, how I wish I could knit two on a circular needle. I switched from my metal KP dpns to a Harmony circular to see if I could at least master Magic Loop. That seems to be fine for the plain stockinette section but I can't imagine it will be enjoyable when the stranding comes back into play , so I will switch to a more appropriate length circular at that point.

    Vog On, for the Sockitotme Swap, I hemmed and hawwed for a very long time as tot which sock to make as my pal has a very specific length request and finally decided on these. Luckily they are a fast knit. They are being done on the Harmony dpns which are amazing.

    I knit a lot in a line standing up and they never slipped from the knitting. They are smooth and slick and pointy and a pleasure to look at. I am absolutely getting them all. I believe a few are out of stock now but I will start the sublimation process on ride home and suggest repeatedly to DH that I need the Harmony Options set for Christmas. heehee
    There you have it, sorry for the delay but this time i will blame it on Mickey.

    Thursday, September 20, 2007

    Friday Update Early but no Pics Til Friday

    We are anticipating a very busy day tomorrow so I thought I would update with words tonight, add pics tomorrow. It may be shortly after midnight into Saturday but that is because we will be at a Halloween party at DW til 11pm.
    The felted tote is entrelac, something I have never done. The first row of triangles was partially done before leaving home and now the entire tote minus handles.
    Tea cosy was cast on with half an inch done now both pieces minus flowers and leaves.
    A little progress on the sleeve for Foxie..
    Some progress on Vog On sock. I am knitting this on the Harmony dpn. The needle is very slick, almost like knitting with the metal but warmer. It is slick and pretty and just right pointy. I am liking it very much and will surely add to my collection as time goes on. So over the next few days hoping to finish one Vog On and the straps, and then the ride home. Looking bad for the beret, :) but you never know.
    I was knitting standing in a short line at EPCOT and got a few stares, knit at breakfast and more stares. So we will see what is what with tomorrow's knitting. SO there will be pics very late Friday.

    Wednesday, September 19, 2007


    OK we had to stop in VA on drive down, I hadn't slept and DH had been up all day getting ready, so we pulled off the road for 7 hours. It would have been a 19 hour trip otherwise. DW is so quiet, I have been here every monthe of the year up to September. Thirty time Jan-Aug. Septmeber is rainy and lots of preschool age children. You can just walk onto the rides though...
    OK ride down, saw most of the tea cosy done, many flowers to make, just about the whole tote except icord straps. Some of the Foxie sleeves. I am going to finish tote than switch to socks for a bit.
    Thanks for all your comments. My VW is not diesel just turbo, too bad as we seemed to fill it a lot but then again the tank is only 13 gallons. Fun car but the sleep comfort is not there. Still fun. We got special edition Hallowetickets for Friday night at Disney, should be fun. Not ever having been here this time of year I really am enjoying the fall decorations in MAgic Kindgdom around Main Street. Pics to come at the end of the week. It took a bit to hook up to the hotels internet.
    Have a magical night.

    Monday, September 17, 2007


    After much confusion, order did not show up at site, site didn't recognize signin, new order placed when site said most of old order out of stock I cleared it all up with Knitpicks and here they are

    The dpn set has SIX of each size in sizes 0(2mm)1(2.25mm)1(2.5mm)2(2.75mm)2(3.0mm)3(3.25mm) I know there is always confusion with the 1 and 2 in American versus metric sizing and they have included both! The option tips are size 4(3.5mm-just the size needed for the beret and the Kauni and 7(4.5mm). The circular is size 3(3.25mm)and 32" long. So they will definitely be getting some use during the trip. I will critique and hope it helps someone. I know just by their appearance, I will need the rest for Christmas, heehee.

    To the Moon , Alice and Awaaaaay We Go

    OK what does one take for an 8 day trip to DW , driving? Hmmm...I haven't even decided what to pack for clothes, LOL. I think I have settled on Finishing Hogwarts Socks

    Finishing SockItToMe Sock Swap Socks
    Finishing tea Cosy
    Finishing Bag for Fall Felted Bag Exchange
    Work on Sleeves for Foxie
    Do icord for Kauni Autumn Leaves Sweater Beret from Fall Knitty

    Come home with less yarn than left with...heehee. Not sure this will happen as DH has a list of the LYS along Route 95.

    High hopes? Yes , but I am going away with DH and am giddy. I will miss the boys but I can reach them. We are driving in this

    and I can knit while DH drives and while he sleeps and I drive',I can sing. I decided everyone should do more car singing. I was singing this morning driving home from work and I was laughing quite a bit at myself.

    We are taking at least one laptop so I will post during the week with FO, right, no really, ok, hopefully.
    OK I miss the boys already and we haven't even left.

    Friday, September 14, 2007

    Foxie Friday

    Hello Bev here is this week's update:

    So in finishing the body I made an amazing DH proposed to me in Paris at the Eiffel Tower, I collect ETs...look what has shown up in the Foxie sweater

    I have Eiffel Towers all over the sweater!! How cool is that? I have moved onto the first sleeve which should be fairly quick.
    Also, I received my box from Rox this week from the Knitters Virtual Vacation Swap. I apparantly had quite the lovely time in KANSAS...I received this adorable card from my favorite movie, how did she know? Also there was more popcorn and one additional Menthos package but life happens!! :) The CTH Melange yarn is the most amazing yarn!!! I have never seen it and would love to get hold of another skein or two for a sweater. The colors are so me, she did an amazing job sending items. The Sockotta yarn is also my colorway to perfection!!! Chocolate sunflower seeds, blueberry popcorn, a wonderful magnet,some cool barbecue sauce, DH thanks you,,,...I hope I haven't forgotten anything...thank you Rox so much, I will definitely be visiting your lovely state in the future.

    ALSO LOOK!!!!!!! The first installment of the Lucky Lurkers Sock CLub from Duet Sock yarns. NOW I have mentioned more than once how I LOVE Duet sock yarn. This is an exclusive to club is lucious, unfortunately like all the Duet sock yarns I don't want to use it, just save it and pet it, LOL.

    These are two of my new books...there is maybe 10 items between the two books that are on my to do list. I am finding stash yarn to accomplish a few of the projects!

    Still working on the stash. I will be away next week with DH at Disneyworld. DH, my biggest enabler, has mapped out several LYS along the way. How lucky am I? OK still 3 12 hour shifts before then, so must shower. I will post again before leaving. Have a terrific weekend everyone.