Wednesday, September 26, 2007


No-More-Humdrum Mittens Swap Questionnaire
Please post this questionnaire with your answers on your blog no later than October 14th!

How long have you been knitting & how did you learn?
Nearly 40 years, essentially self taught......
Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced?
What are your favorite colors? Any you dislike?
Into dark jewel tones right now, not really a pastel person unless off set by dark
Do you like Latvian type patterns? If so, what are your favorite patterns?
Yes, I don't have any one particular favorite
Do you desire mittens for yourself, your "special someone else" or your child?
Me, I do the knitting for my special people and often start but don't finish right away me things
What other things do you enjoy knitting?
Everything, absolutely everything....colorwork, Aran, Fair Isle,Socks,lace...everything
What sort of needles do you enjoy working with? (straights vs circs, bamboo vs aluminum)
Wide range, but I am currently in love with Knit picks harmony, I have he sock dpns set and have ordered the cable needle, some circulars, have asked for the Harmony Option set for Christmas. One can never have enough dpns though, the smaller the better.
What’s one project you’ve not yet tried but are dying to make?
My answer used to be Entrelac, but I have done that now...I am not sure, Bohus maybe, but I am taking a class in a few days.
What’s one yarn you’ve not yet tried but are dying to work with?
Hmmmm.....there isn't one, I love natural fibers, wools, bamboo, alpaca, just purchased some corn yarn.
What other hobbies do you have? Do you spin? Sew? Garden? Cook?
I do not spin but everything else is fair game
Besides yarn, do you collect anything?
Eiffel Towers, Mr Potato Heads, antique glass
What kind of goodies do you enjoy? Sweets? Salty? Anything you hate or are allergic to?
Sweet and salty, jelly beans, there are nut allergies in the family.
Do you have any kids? Pets?
DS1-23, DS2-17
What is your favorite part of Winter?
Snow storms, hot chocolate, building snowmen, skiing, snuggling with DH,sweaters,hats
What is your least favorite part of Winter?
That it ends.....seriously I always find myself worrying about the homeless sleeping on the street in the cold.


Rebecca said...

This sounds like a FUN swap! However, since I have never finished a pair of mittens yet I should probably pass. THIS is the winter I will learn how to knit mittens and, hopefully, they will not be as addicting as socks!

Deb said...

Hi Cheryl - can you please check in over at the swap blog? I can't find an email response from my "please check-in" email and i am not sure if I missed it or not. :)