Monday, September 24, 2007

Not Sure But Happy Anyway

SO my best guesstimate would be that the bag will be done but for the felting, tea cosy and flowers done but for the assembling, 1/2 of first sleeve of Foxie,1 1/2 socks for Sock It To Me, 1/2 of second sock for Hogwarts, icord for Autumn Leaves is done(not really a biggie :) )I believe I am going to at least cast on for the beret this morning as DH says we are breakfasting then back to room then out to MGM Studios and Epcot World showcase(I have one item to purchase for Tea Swap in Japan or China). Tomorrow is start of drive home, maybe a stop at Kennedy Space Center.
We spent yesterday at Downtown Disney shopping, then went to a movie, "Brave One", pretty intense movie but it was good. Of course the free drink and popcorn refill was a surprise. We refilled the popcorn because we could but haven't eaten it. Something about getting something for free...


vegasangelbrat said...

Oh how I loved hearing of your travels and visits and can't wait to see everythng you've picked up!
Have a Safe trip home!!

Dawn said...


I am your Knit One Tea Too partner and I sent out your package today and realized once it was mailed that I didn't put a note in it! (insert head slap here!) When you get the package (next Wednesday) email me so I can regale you with the funny tale of your package! Are you completely cracking up that it was me that got you this time??