Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday Pics on Saturday

The Halloween Party was fun, we walked right onto rides as we have most of the week. Lots of costumed visitors. The parade had a Halloween theme and was pretty cool. I knit some while waiting on the curb for the parade which caused some stares. By now I would think they would be used to me knitting, lol.
Anywho here is the Entrelac tote to be felted. The straps will be worked on on the ride home. It was quite an interesting technique and pretty good in the dark knitting. The yarn is KP Wool of the Andes.

The icord for Autumn Leaves is nearly complete, cmon how long can a 4 stitch icord take? The yarn is Kauni and is very interesting. It feels somewhat scratchy in the hank but when wound and knitted it turns softer. Almost as though an oil has been stimulated in it. I wanted to pick up the ribbing stitches as well but I didn't bring the other color yarn. I worked the icord bamboo needles so will be curious how the Harmony work when I knit the ribbing.

The tea cosy, made from leftover yarn. Way back I purchased 14 skeins of Patons Classic wool for the Fair Isle tote for MIL, I made that and the Skull tote and still have enough yarn leftover to make the tea cosy. It is a basket weave design and will resemble a flower pot with a handle and many flowers on top. This has to be shipped immediately upon arriving home for the Knit1Tea2 swap.

The Foxie sleeve, how I wish I could knit two on a circular needle. I switched from my metal KP dpns to a Harmony circular to see if I could at least master Magic Loop. That seems to be fine for the plain stockinette section but I can't imagine it will be enjoyable when the stranding comes back into play , so I will switch to a more appropriate length circular at that point.

Vog On, for the Sockitotme Swap, I hemmed and hawwed for a very long time as tot which sock to make as my pal has a very specific length request and finally decided on these. Luckily they are a fast knit. They are being done on the Harmony dpns which are amazing.

I knit a lot in a line standing up and they never slipped from the knitting. They are smooth and slick and pointy and a pleasure to look at. I am absolutely getting them all. I believe a few are out of stock now but I will start the sublimation process on ride home and suggest repeatedly to DH that I need the Harmony Options set for Christmas. heehee
There you have it, sorry for the delay but this time i will blame it on Mickey.


UniquelymeNana said...

Hi there Love the entrallac I hope to take a class this fall at the LYS for that. Where did you purchase the Kunai Yarn? I woild love to get some. You do some awesome knitting!!

Anonymous said...

OMG I love the mickey hat - we are going next year at this time and can't wait:) I love how you are knitting away while on vacation - now that is vacation!

The sock pal!

sunneshine said...

I really love your punk mickey ears! And so much beautiful knitting!