Wednesday, September 19, 2007


OK we had to stop in VA on drive down, I hadn't slept and DH had been up all day getting ready, so we pulled off the road for 7 hours. It would have been a 19 hour trip otherwise. DW is so quiet, I have been here every monthe of the year up to September. Thirty time Jan-Aug. Septmeber is rainy and lots of preschool age children. You can just walk onto the rides though...
OK ride down, saw most of the tea cosy done, many flowers to make, just about the whole tote except icord straps. Some of the Foxie sleeves. I am going to finish tote than switch to socks for a bit.
Thanks for all your comments. My VW is not diesel just turbo, too bad as we seemed to fill it a lot but then again the tank is only 13 gallons. Fun car but the sleep comfort is not there. Still fun. We got special edition Hallowetickets for Friday night at Disney, should be fun. Not ever having been here this time of year I really am enjoying the fall decorations in MAgic Kindgdom around Main Street. Pics to come at the end of the week. It took a bit to hook up to the hotels internet.
Have a magical night.

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