Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I realized I didn't ake any CHristmas photos this year. I will have to do some over the next few days.
DS2 had a hard time this time, let's suffice it to say I work in an Emergency Room setting and am used to that amount of blood but the poor boy....He has jus turned 18 so had to be disturbed from sleep anytime there was a form to fill out. Strange thing, just because you are 18 doesn't mean you suddenly understand why you are being asked to signed things. Fortunately he was admitted to a pediatric floor and while dozing early Christmas morning :santa" snuck in ad left things. It was from a family honoring the memory of their daughter. They left a beautiful stuffed Penguin(his fav animal) holding a fleece blankie, a PATRIOTS Santa hat with a Pats ornament and Slinky, a gift card and trats. It was very sweet. And the CHaplain came by and dropped of a Beanie baby Chocolate Lab, one of the puppies we have talked about getting. Isn't that just weird? He is currently sleeping and I have already disturbed him to administered drugs. He is an amazing individual. The nurses and I both though he would be staying one more night, but the surgeons whisk you out. It was probably better to come home home and rest in his own bed. So I have to come up with intersting blended foods for the next 6 weeks, especially ones I can deliver to the dorm.
I thank you all for your well wishes and will update tomorrow in knitting with pics. DH got me some amazing needles....I can't wait to show you!!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Mania, not Mermaid, Merriness and More

Merry Christmas to all my new friends made through the miracle of internet and blogging. You are fortunately to numerous to name individually, but you are all very special dear people. I am in the family waiting room of the hospital where I work as they have taken DS2 from me and he is in the OR. My phone just rang and caused panic as it was the OR. The surgeon wants me to have a beeper so he can text message me as to how things are progressing.
I wanted to grab a moment to thank you all for your support and friendship. Have the merriest of holidays and I will write Christams or the next day.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday Things Thanks and Timeouts

Hi All,

Just needed to blog a bit to distract myself. In 4.5 hours we will be signing for the house. EGADS!!! I will show you this picture DS2 took as we drove by repeatedly one day a few weeks back.

I have better pics but right now as it is not officially ours..... but that is the house on the right and the barn on the left. Later in the week I will show different pics, but also not in too much detail for the world is a wacky place at times.

We did the final walk through last night and suddenly the house looked like the 108 years old that it is but we concluded it has not been loved. Hardwood floors need moisture, years and years of paint on woodwork need stripping, and as many have said it needs to be decorated by us, if nothing else we definitely have a sense of style. So I will update with knitting pics later as tomorrow is a day of emptying storage unit. Since this is my first time doing this, is it rude to take my knitting along???? heehee

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Phenomenon

There is an unusual phenomenon that happens every winter. It snows only when I work. I work a lot but....Our first big storm was Thursday when a 30 minute commute turned into more then 2.5 hours, then I worked Saturday night into Sunday morning and it was white out blizzard conditions. I am working extra tonight, Sunday, and the snow has turned to rain which overnight will turn to ice and then whoa!!! We are to close on our house Tuesday and start moving Wednesday....when do you think the next storm will be? But as usual the Patriots this I was thinking if each person attending the game brought a shovel with them and ten cars stopped at an elderly person's home even after the game, there would be a lot less heartattacks today. This is what is fondly known as heart attack snow, it is full of water and so heavy to move you can move only 1/5 of the amount of fluffy snow and it will be the same weight. It is killer snow and if the heart attack doesn't get you today, the slip and fall tomorrow will. My DS2 wants to shovel and frolic, but if we bring him to the hospital cut, broken or bruise there is a chance he will not have his surgery on Christmas Eve.
So much whining and no knitting news....
All my swaps have been mailed, I have to finish a stocking for DS2, ry to finish 3 scarfs, 2 of which haven't been started, yea right! In the early stages of going through things to get ready for packing I have found so many more WIPS that I pushed so far back in my mind!! I am going to try and very methodically group all the items in one place and record their presence. I have made a top ten list for stash busting and when that list is complete I will make another and another. My new concern is if all these WIPS become FO where will the FO be stored?? Surely it is easier to store skeins of yarn than more clothing??!!
A no pics today, perhaps tomorrow. I hope you will all be safe and wise during this season. I hope I will make it up first the hill to DS2 dorm and then the hill to the hospital I am moonlighting at tonight. THEN I am off til Friday but have the closing on the farmhouse, storage unit emptying and maybe some Christmas shopping as that has been on hold til the bank takes all our money Tuesday.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I joined on to a Top 10 Stashbuster KAL(Dec-Mar) to get rid of some of the WIPs...SOME, not all, NO NO NO, SOME is better than NONE but not as good as ALL.
1. mermaid

2. Foxie Dale sweater
3. Socks for DH-own design
4. Mystery Monkey Socks
5. Karen's Gloves
6. Jaywalker socks
7. Branching Out Scarf DONE 12/7/7
8. Christmas Stocking for DS
9. Cable sweater
10. Multidirectional scarf
Oh there are many more but this would put a significant dent into the pile

BUT I have already finished one of the WIPs. The Branching Out Scarf for the Christmas Swap. I really liked this pattern and if I have the time plan on two more for Christmas, that's right TWO more..heehee. I used Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool and have actually blocked it, WOW. I must admit this may be only the second time I have blocked something other than steaming it. I actually soaked and squeezed and rolled and pinned. I am now at work and will check it in the morning. I may measure it as well...egads! before you know I will be swatching!!!!!
I have LOST my Mermaid booklet, I know it is in the house, or van or Beetle or work or.....I have not knit on the poor thing at all as I don't know what is next. I am off Tuesday and Wednesday and WILL find it.
I LOVE the Vog On in Koigu I sent off to my Harvest sock swap Pal...I hope she does as well. .

One week(barring catastrophies)and we will close on our new home. Our very first house purchase. 108 year old farmhouse, 3 story barn, 1+acres. Merry Christmas to us!!!

  • Wednesday, December 05, 2007

    Winter Knitty

    OK the winter Knitty is out and there are these amazing kilt hose, now I MUST make them for DH. He wore a kilt when we married and I made those socks and have wanted to make a less formal pair. BEV!!! Look at these Kilt Socks

  • Monday, December 03, 2007

    Happy Birthday Shamus

    The shirt was from a Charlie Brown Halloween costume I made for him
    Learning to ski, he now does very very well.
    Sport of choice is cycling, this the Golden Gate Bridge
    A Boy and his truck, it's a beautiful thing
    My"thug" in Dublin.......kidding
    Belfast Zoo heel kicking.....he loves zoos.

    Today is my DS2 18th birthday

    The final pic shows his personality best..he is a happy go lucky soul for the most part. He is kind and generous and loves life , his family and friends. He is finishing his first semester in college, majoring in Art, photography. And he is having surgery Christmas Eve/Christmas.

    Happy Birthday , a wonderful young man.

    Mermaid and Knitting posting later in week.

    Thanks for entertaining this commercial break.