Monday, June 01, 2009

Welcome Back Me!!!

Long time, eh?
I have been laid up for two weeks so far with an injured knee. Oliver, now known as Crippler, clipped my left knee in his excitement to be groomed. The knee shifted one way and then back and it was never meant to shift either way. So an ER visit, Orthopedic visit and MRI have led to an Orthopedic appointment tomorrow also. I am hoping to get back to work next week or week after at the latest. But this has curtailed my house painting and dog walking and general getting about.
DM came for a visit in April. We all had a great time, shopping and visiting and dog walking. The pups tried to get DM at one point as they each went round her and their leashes being held by me also went round. Fortunately they are trained enough so she was not injured. Phineas took quite a liking to DM as she is a little lady and he likes to herd little things, LOL.
We have additions to the family. On Mother's Day we adopted two kittens. Our intent was to get one male and we saw him two weeks before we could get him, so cute. A few days before picking him we were asked to consider taking his sister who's adoption had fallen through. It was a wise decision as we could never entertain Artemus enough without Annabel's help. Annabel is a fawn colored full tiger tabby
and Artemus is grayish fawn tiger with white mittens.
They currently weigh 2.5 and 2.3 pounds respectively. The dogs are getting used to them and no longer are surprised when this"toy" comes to life.

Here is Annabel trying her very hardest to look menacing...I just laugh at her.
The kittens were tube and bottle fed and lived in a foster home with a dog so are mostly ok with the puppies. they are very interesting to watch all together. Fun fun.

DH has excavated the area of the yard where the deck will go as the land slopes away from the house. He and DS2 seemed to have fun with the oversized Tonka truck!! This week holes, inspection, cement pouring and then we can start. Of course the knee is not allowing me much involvement :( We did replace the fence that is between the barn and the house. The older worn was falling down and no longer dog proof. The new composite one is 6 feet tall and we placed the pickets so the dogs could see through just fine. I love it. We built it ourselves, got the individual pickets rather than a prefab fence so we could make it to our liking.

Much much Wollmeise has been added to stash, very lucky. This is a picture of most of the stash.
These lovelies are not in the big picture.

The WM group is having a Summer of Wollmeise trying to work down our stashes and then replenish in the fall. Hmmm..that means not adding WM over the summer, maybe not adding more than 10 skeins..heehee
Woolgirl has offered a Wizard of Oz Sock Club and I was lucky enough to get in on some and a Peanuts Sock Club. the first Oz shipment came today called "Over the Rainbow" Can you believe this package?
Lovely. Wizard of OZ is my most favorite movie followed very closely by Willy Wonka. A Wonka Sock CLub would be grand!!! Hmmm......

My Catriona Knee Socks by Wendy in Pillars of Fire are coming along nicely, but I need something with two colors soon. I want to finish this first sock and cast on the second before starting something else though. And I finally succumbed and have cast on a Clapotis in Saami Wollmeise.

I am going to post this and will update links and pics...I am out of work this week and at least two more....

Hi Mom

Congratulations to my nephew Greg, he married Crystal this past week, they are both Marines, very brave young people.

And my niece Cassy, is getting married this Saturday. I was planning on attending but this knee will not allow me to sit in a car for the length of time the drive will take :( I am hoping to see many pictures.
DS2 has a job he is thoroughly enjoying and finished his second year of college. Wow next year a Junior already....and DS1 and GF moved out, yes that is right. Gone....they are living in a lovely home and have gained back a lot of their life that was spent commuting. I think it is a very wise decision to want your free time to be your free time.