Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Want it to Slow Down

Geez, I promise myself I will post weekly then months go by.
  Kitchen not complete yet,1/2 wallpapering left
  Fence has not been touched in more than a year, truly want to finish up this fall.
  House needs repainting and I truly intended this to happen in July...

  Oliver,our beloved 6.5 year old black lab has developed cataracts rather suddenly.  They began in March and one is already mature and one not so much.  He had an appointment with a specialist who came into the exam a little too exuberant and Oliver growled and jumped.  The rest of the exam both the doctor and Oliver were shaking.  Needless to say he will not be our surgeon.  Oliver is beside himself as his eyesight changes...we are hoping to have surgery done on one eye before the end of the year.
  The kittens are 16 months old and as cute as can be.  Chesterton insists he should live life sitting on your shoulder and Barnaby believes he is a dog, sometimes to Oliver's disapproval.  Chesterton has claimed NIckolas as his dog and is frequently found cuddled up into or on him.  Annabel has grown to tolerate them but you can tell she still misses her brother,Artemus, as do I.
   Poor Phineas has an equal amount of good and bad days and each day I am grateful he tries as hard as he does.  Scatter rugs are everywhere as he can not get his footing on the wood floors.  We have a lot of leeway with his pain meds,fortunately, and adjust them accordingly.

  my oldest son and dear wife celebrated their third anniversary in May and my younger son and his bride celebrated their first in June.  All seem to be enjoying home ownership and the specialness of being married.  We have a family trip planned in September and are all quite excited.  My DH has been working a horrendous amount of hours as there is a major computer changeover upgrade at work and he is under  a mountain of work. Hoping soon it will end as it is taking its toll.

   I feel I have finished a lot of projects this year, I am certainly knitting a lot! I am heavily into the classes for my expert knitter certification.  I have signed up for two classes for the fall and that leaves 6 to complete next year. Already know what I want to do for my capstone project and am starting to swatch.  It has to be accepted by the committee,but I am not worried. My Knitting Circus group at work has grown again and all the clowns are progressing wonderfully.  It is an amazing group who offer one another encouragement and support.  I keep trying to think of a way we have a getaway but we all work quite different schedules.
   I worked for months going through my stash and sorting and logging,and it is still quite large, but I am selling off a bit. I discovered knitting 50 skeins a year I have 40 plus years worth and I will likely not live 40 more years.It was quite a realization...So, do I knit faster,sell more,not buy orjust stop....IDK, so far I am ahead of the 50 goal for this year,but I also have purchased project specific yarns.   HOWEVER I asked and was answered with great enthusiasm from my first DIL that on our family trip there will be knitting instruction.  Can you say YAY!!  My second DIL crochets and I am not sure she has an interest in knitting but I will ask.

I must end now, lots of cleaning going on and I have a hair appointment and a yoga class tonight.  I will add pictures in later

Thanks for stopping by, Hi Mom!