Monday, September 17, 2007

To the Moon , Alice and Awaaaaay We Go

OK what does one take for an 8 day trip to DW , driving? Hmmm...I haven't even decided what to pack for clothes, LOL. I think I have settled on Finishing Hogwarts Socks

Finishing SockItToMe Sock Swap Socks
Finishing tea Cosy
Finishing Bag for Fall Felted Bag Exchange
Work on Sleeves for Foxie
Do icord for Kauni Autumn Leaves Sweater Beret from Fall Knitty

Come home with less yarn than left with...heehee. Not sure this will happen as DH has a list of the LYS along Route 95.

High hopes? Yes , but I am going away with DH and am giddy. I will miss the boys but I can reach them. We are driving in this

and I can knit while DH drives and while he sleeps and I drive',I can sing. I decided everyone should do more car singing. I was singing this morning driving home from work and I was laughing quite a bit at myself.

We are taking at least one laptop so I will post during the week with FO, right, no really, ok, hopefully.
OK I miss the boys already and we haven't even left.


Lorraine said...

Cheryl- Take everything just to be on the safe side!
I want a VW! Do you guys have a little daisy to put in the holder?

sunneshine said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip! I hope you get even half that knitting done!!

Cheryl said...

Hey guys, Yes indeed there is a daisy in the vase....I am taking so much knitting you would think I was just driving around the country to knit.....please be safe and happy everyone. I will post from Florida when we get there. I am hoping to have finished something on the road down..DH is telling me the route and I am nodding as I have slept only two hours, talking LYS and I am eyeing the bags out of the corner of my eye that are going with. Hoping my Harmony needles make it in the mail today....yes dear, sure he is saying maybe we should leave later, no dear I am up and three more hours won't do me any dear let's just go in 2 hours as we drive through NY I will be fine...

OK back to you guys, DS1 has a red VW we got him..I wanted to get DS2 a blue automatic but he is a truck guy. We are planning on a Mini Cooper in the very near future...My VW has a turbo engine and a moon roof, cd player in the trunk, heated seats, very neat. We didn't buy either brand new but when I do it will be a convertible. OK must finish checking needles and instructions and oh yea clothing...heeheee

Anonymous said...

Have fun! Maybe your package will be there when you get back! :)

Your PRGE pal

bev said...

Bubye Cheryl, have a great trip! Will be thinking about you suffering through the whole DW thing. (as if!)And don't you just love the VW? Turbo diesel is the way to go! We get 50+ mph with ours, even at this altitude. The Passat is bigger and we average 45 mph. Gotta love it! Taking pics of LYSs would be a great bit of entertainment for we at home.