Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Disney Free LYS Day

So DH had printed out a list of LYS along the route and today was declared a we slept in a little and then went in search of LYS. Now, not having been lucky in Ireland x2, we were up against some history of the shops shutting down, burning up, renovating. But, DH called a few and found they were open and we set out. First stop was WinterPark, which the areas surrounding it had me wondering if it would be safe to leave the car without the DPNs along as weapons but lo and behold. Happily, the area is under renovation and seems to want to be quite yuppified as I was distracted by William Sonoma and the fah fah shops, way over my price range. The BLACK SHEEP was where we headed. Parked right out front was a Jaguar. We went inside and if you were a needlepointer there was hundreds of tiny little hanks of yarn hanging up and canvases everywhere. There was a small yarn area in the back, but the 4 or 5 ladies sitting sitting and knitting would have had to get up from there chairs to let me in to see the yarn. From what I could tell from a distance, I still win out with my stash. So strike one.
Next we went to Sip and Knit in Maitland. They had the most adorable sheep out front and inside was nod different with sheep everywhere. There was a room of yarn, a room of patterns,books,accessories and a room where a few ladies were knitting and some yarn. Once again they had a lovely selection of things, a lot of Ella Rae, but nothing that would improve my stash. I did pick up Knit n Style and Elsebeth Lavold's Book 13.

  • There is a story to that. Once upon a time I bought the anniversary edition of Vogue Knitting and found this picture.

    It is an ad for EL. there was no information about the sweater and I had to go to the EL site and search through the books and found it in the yet released Book 13. I have been googling constantly to find this book and need look no longer. it is mine!!

    So stop 2 was pretty satisfying.
    DH says there is one more place to go. This one he had no info about as he couldn't find a web site. it was KNIT! located in Longwood. We went in and there were two pleasant women who obviously knew one another quite well. We chit chatted and told them we were down from Boston. The owner mentioned she had just been as her grandchild lives up here, NEW grandchild, LOL. She thanked us for coming all the way to her shop when we told her DH had googled shops before we left and our woes of not finding yarn in Ireland. I felt obligated at this point and picked up a circular number 3 and then DH said ,"Did you see the Cherry Tree Hill?" and of course I had to get some, then I noticed the sign NEW COLORS over the TOFUtsies and had to get one, then DH found the NONI pattern and mentioned did I have the Best of Interweave Knits. So less than one hour before the store closes the Nice lady made a sizable sale.
    She thanked us many times and the other woman showed us the Gator Scarf she was making and said how it would match her grandson's snowsuit. They were very nice and considering they were the third stop I am glad I saved my money til then.

    Almost forgot, at the second LYS there was a big book sitting at the counter for purchase, it was nearly 1 1/2 inches thick. It was this book

    I was afraid to buy it as I would then need to visit all the shops listed.

    Rebecca said...

    I've seen that book and thought about purchasing it, too. What an AWESOME hubby you have scoping out all those shops!

    UniquelymeNana said...

    Wow, you hubby is great!! I have a wish list in the back of our journal and he just looks at my wish list and gets me things. For my birthday he has ordered me 2 pair of circular needles from Isn't it great when our dh's know what we like and surprise us with it!! I will have to get the book too!!

    Cheryl said...

    Yes indeedy I am very lucky with my DH, quite the enabler he is. The directory was like a telephone book, I didn't even open it, lol. I am still tempted to purchase it though.

    vegasangelbrat said...

    Oh my gosh I love those sweater jackets in that book! Especially taken with the hooded a thing for hoods and
    One lucky woman and hubby definitely a keeper, but I told ya that
    I don'thtink youhave enough knitting needles :) Those are beautiful!!