Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Update

I am posting now but will add pics when I get up. We returned Wednesday, got things in order and went right back to work Thursday night for our 12 hour shifts, same tonight.
So during the vacation I finished the tote, still no straps.(see previous photo)Finished approximately 1 1/2 VOG ON socks for SITMSS,

did a bit on the Foxie sleeve,Hi Bev

  • finished the icord for the Kauni sweater, (see previous post pic)
    and made the tea cosy.

    Yesterday I shipped out a box to my PRGE pal, my Tea Swap Pal and my Secret Pal 11 pal.
    When I got home I had waiting some lovely stitch markers and earrings my SP11 Secret Pal sent. They are so lovely and she made them herself!! I am already using a marker on the Foxie sleeve.

    I also had my Potter Cover Yarn Sock Club first shipment. Carrie never disappoints. The yarn is amazing the pattern is titled "Hedwig"...I can't wait to knit with it.

    I joined some more KALs and Swaps. I am very excited about the mitten swap. Already know what pattern and have ordered the yarn.
    In the next week I will finish and ship the Sockittome Package, the Hogwarts Sock package and almost ready to send off the Monkeys. I believe I have til November 1 on the last 2 so it will be good to be early. I will also be trying to get the straps made so the entrelac tote can be felted as well as start the Stole for the Secret of the Stole KAL. Seems I will be busy again :).
    Sorry no pictures now but will add by day's end.

    Added on
    We hit one more LYS on way home, KnitWitz! in Jacksonville...lovely lady running the place. Looks like a newer place and I wish her much success. I purchased some corn yarn in the colorway Indian Corn and some interesting stitch markers to enclose in the Magic Ball to Vegan Pal.

    ALSO, I received my first box from PRGE Pal sent me the most things!!!! There is an exquisite bowl(lordy how I love dishware)in the most amazing color. The bowl was filled with quacamole yarn goodness and my Pal was kind enough to enclose two recipes, one for Guac the other for a bean salad!!! They sound amazing and since I have to food shop tomorry.......The yarn, o the yarn, there is some amazing Bamboo yarn, some other Classic Elite superwash and some Jamieson's..has she been into my Ravelry stash? I am trying to increases my Jamieson as the Fair Isle bug has bit. All the yarns were the perfect color to be in the bowl and my colors, so right on!!!! Thank you dear sweet Carly You were so very generous to me, I am very lucky. (yes there is a box of Mike and Ikes in the pic, but if I don't mention them I don't have to share right? Sometimes that is the only thing I travel to vending machine for. I dump a pack in my lab coat pocket and appease myself when the traumas have turned into buffoonary!!) Thank you again!

  • Isn't that bowl to die for??


    vegasangelbrat said...

    glad you made it home safe! too bad you didn't get time to rest a bit from the drive before going right back to work, but Hope you have a great weekend and THANKS for the mail!!! :)

    Carrie K said...

    Foxie's coming along! Glad you had a good vacation.

    That tea cozy is cute.

    bev said...

    Wow! Talk about a huge post AND it is all knitting! You had a vacation from work only. I can picture you on the Mad Hatter, knitting wildly. Dizzily going round and round with the needles while DH is dragging you from one exhibit/ride to another. I must go knit now...I am not worthy...Foxie is languishing in silence.

    vegasangelbrat said...

    Now that the pic's are up WOW on the tea cozy! Is that ever pretty!!
    Love the colors in the socks too :)

    kasiaiscarly said...

    Yay! I'm glad you like it. I'll email you from my real email address :)

    And now, an equally creative idea must spring for box #2. . . uh oh. . . that may be tricky!

    Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

    Now, that is the right blog! Finally, I have found you!!! :-)))

    And here is the lovely tea cozy you made for me! I so love it!

    Thanks again for being such a wonderful Tea Swap partner! :-))