Sunday, September 30, 2007

Swedish Knitting on a Sunday

Yes you read it I drove 2.25 hours ,each way,to WEBS in Northampton,MA to attend a knitting class givevn by Susanna Hansson , authority on Bohus knitting, translator of the Swedish patterns into English. I registered months ago and as the day approached I was wiped out. But, I was very interested in taking an organized knitting class as I never have. Susanna is a wonderful lady, make that with a capital "L". Her love for Bohus (Bowhoose-think choose) is infectious. She explained so much of the history behind this knitting and explained about the dear 72 year old lady still doing the dying in her sausage pot in Sweden. It was all very heartwarming. We had small kits to make wristlets in the Blue Shimmer design. The yarn is amazing and considering Solveig is thinking retirement I must send for at least three kits over the next 6 months or so. This is what the class did, close up of mine is in solitary picture. There are many things that make a Bohus a Bohus, one being gauge 8.5-9 per inch. Another being the yarn....

Here are a few of the sweaters Susanna was kind enough to share..

Of course being at the famous WEBS I had to make a few purchases, I wandered the store and the back warehouse and was overwhelmed. I needd to go back with a clearer head. But I did get this
It is Franklin Sock Yarn by Kangaroo Dyer. 75%wool 25%nylon 450 yards
And this

Socks for DH..yes it is the yarn you think it is by Kaffe Fassett
And this

To add to the yarn I am accumulating for the Modern Quilt Wrap in Folk Style

So that was my day at

Now off to work with no sleep.....again


Anonymous said...

Wow - those sweaters are amazing! I appreciate the willingness to forgo sleep for yarn - a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do:)

Harvest Sock Pal

Lorraine said...

Cheryl- I drove there last year for a Fair Isle workshop- and my mouth hit the floor! Have you ever seen such amazing things? All under one roof? Did you go in the back?


ann said...

Hi Cheryl! Oh, I'm envious of your adventure, being something like a flight radius of 23 hours away from WEBS... LOL

Dorothy said...

I haven't made the trip there yet - I don't want to go without a significant amount of money dedicated to stash enhancement. I so hope to go one day soon though!

Rebecca said...

Oh how I ENVY your living so close to Webs....I would consider the driving distance close, that is! Sounds like a fun class!

MelissaKnits said...

I just saw that you're a member of the disknitty group at ravelry. The fact that there is a DisnKnitty group?? Entirely too cool.

Strange said...

Wow! Fantastic pieces! I love the sweaters. They brought ancient Egyptian colars to mind. The kind worn by royalty. I may have to knit one up just to enjoy another creative venture.

Carrie K said...

Wow, awesome. I bet it was overwhelming and the class too.

sunneshine said...

How fun!! There is nothing like a good class with a great teacher!!