Monday, April 30, 2007


"You will have your reward, Wormtail. I will allow you to perform an essential task for me, one that many of my followers would give their right hands to perform..." Who is speaking? 5 House Points Awarded


Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap Questionnaire

1. What Hogwarts house have you been sorted into?
The Hufflepuff House is always where I go, first I was bummed as I thought Slytherin was more me, then I looked at my yello and black VW Beetle and though maybe I am a HP
2. List your three favorite double-point needle brands, including size and length.

Knitpicks size 0 shorter length
Knitpicks size 1 shorter length
Knitpicks size 2 shorter length
3. Would you like to try a new brand needle? If so, which brand? Size? Length?

I have a set of Pony Pearls and wouldn't mind another, smaller size is better
4. If you are a RAVENCLAW, do you prefer the colors in the film or the book?

Do you have a strong preference?
5. If your pal decides to send candies or chocolates are there any that you don't like?
No more chocolate please, I am chocolated out and am trying to diet again..I am liking the Lifesaver, sugar free in the round tin, things like that
6. What are your favorite scents?
Cookie scents, vanilla, cinnamon,etc
7. Do you have any allergies?
Not me, but DS, major nut allergy

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Finished Objects

I mailed my Chemo Cap so don't have a pic :( but these are the Monkey Socks I made for the
  • Monkey Sock Swap 1 ...they went to myPal Dawn

  • Tuesday, April 24, 2007


    Monkey Sock Swap TWO Questionnaire
    The basics:How long have you been knitting?
    About 40 years, give or take
    Do you consider yourself a beginning sock knitter, an intermediate, or have you been doing this so long you could probably knit a pair in your sleep?

    Absolutely in my sleep, actually that was how I learned two handed stranding, I had been knitting, fell asleep and when I awoke I was seeing my left hand actively taking part in the color stranding...
    The measurements:
    Shoe Size:

    6.5-7.5 USA
    Foot circumference:
    9 inches
    Foot length:

    9-9.25 inches
    Yarn Preferences:

    What colors do you love?
    Oh boy, green,(I got loverly green socks from my Monkey Pal last time, so I will also say purple
    Do you prefer solids or variegated?

    Do you prefer wool, cotton or acrylic yarn?

    Superwash wool, cotton blend, please not 100% acrylic
    What colors would you never wear?

    I would wear all colors, especially in socks, not very fond of pastels in large quantities
    Knitting Gadgets

    Favorite needles. Plastic, metal, bamboo or wood?
    I adore the Knitpicks metal DPN (always use more 0s or 1s),I am knitting with bamboo in size 1 now for a sample sock and though they bend they crack me up, I adore retro plastic needles
    Are there any knitting accessories you don't have in your collection but would like?

    Let's see, I got what I wanted from my cool Pal Trish...hmmmm....(she sent the cutest black sheep tape measure AND my sought after safety pin style st markers)
    Would you be willing to have an international Monkey Pal or do you prefer one in the US?

    I'm a friendly sort with a passport, either
    Do you have any allergies?

    I do not, but DS has many most importantly nuts, rubber

    Monday, April 23, 2007


    For the blog-ged, please post this on your blog no later than April 30th! For the blog-free, please include your answers with your registration!

    1. How long have you been knitting or crochetting? How did you learn

    I have been knitting, crocheting for 40 years. I believe my aunt taught me initially then I figured it out on my own.

    2. What are your favorite yarns to knit\crochet felted bags with?

    WOOL, all wool, seems to felt the best

    3. What are your favorite needles to knit\crochet with?

    Knitpicks, bamboo, plastic

    4. What are the last 3 bags you knitted\crochetted (include URL for Yahoo! or flickr album or your blog if you have them!)? You can also link to patterns if you don't have pictures of your finished objects!

    Let's see...I believe there have been only three, heehee

    5. Do you carry the bags that you make, give them as gifts, or both?
    So far they have been given as swaps..I do carry one of the ones I received
    6. What is your favorite felted bag that you have made for yourself?
    I have not, but I am mad about the 1st and 3rd in the pics
    7. What are your favorite colors?
    Purple, green, orange
    Do you like bags in these colors or choose other colors?
    Any color is fine
    8. Chocolate: White, Milk, Dark, or not so much?
    I am currently chocolated out, white first, but currently I would rather have hard candy
    9. Coffee, Tea, or Milk?
    Coffe, then tea
    10. Do you prefer sweet or salty treats? What kinds?
    Salty sweet is good, but really I am chocolated out
    11. If you went into Bath and Body Works and could only come out with one item, what would it be and what would it smell like?
    A shower gel in any cookie scent
    12. Do you enjoy any other crafts or hobbies? Do you collect anything?
    All crafts, I collect Eiffel Towers and for some reason have never mentioned I collect Mr Potato Heads
    13. Are there any bag patterns you have not yet knit, but hope to someday?
    ALL of them, especially the Noni bags
    14. What is currently OTN (on the needles) for you?
    I seriously cannot answer that, look at all KALS
    15. What is your most recent finished object before that?
    Socks, I have been knocking off socks
    16. What's cutest: Puppies, Piggies or Pixies?
    17. Do you enjoy reading? Books, Magazines, or both?
    18. Do you have any children? (kid-kind or pet-kind apply!)
    DS 22 and getting Masters in May
    DS GF 22 just received Bachelor's(She is age correct DSs both are advanced)
    DS 17 and graduating HS in May
    19. What are some of your favorite yarns for other projects?
    Noro, Koigu and Louet, I am newly exposed to fearless Fibers and there is an Etsy dealer DHARMAFEY whose sock yarn I adore
    20. And for the final question, one I see debated all over: Novelty Yarn: Love it! Hate it! or It depends!
    It depends

    I am so Lucky

    Man, I have received some FANTASTIC boxes of goodies lately, I am still overwhelmed and then today I receive these:

    This is SOL JOY handpainted yarn I won from a contest from Secret Pal 10 Kerry sent this to me...I have lusted after this yarn, and now I own it!!! What would be the perfect socks to make? Any suggestions would be welcome...isn't the color way grand?


    I have ordered from the Loopy Ewe a few times and every time there would be a cute little extra, needle size chart,stitch marker, etc..I just thought they were very generous, heehee, Well after my 5th order I was informed with my 6th order I would become a Loopy Groupie...well could you resist? Me neither...I received this outrageous tote, sock yarn, SOAK samples and Loopy kisses....Sheri's yarn, patterns, etc are always top notch. The service is fast and so friendly. I always felt special getting the little exttras and she does it for everyone!!! Do go check out her things.
    I Forgot to Post this, MONKEYS MONKEYS
    Hello Monkeys, Chimps and all other lovely creatures...I am here to tell you today, I-yes me- received a box from MTN HOME AFB ID...heeheeheee Did I know what would be in there? Sure as it was marked Monkey Sock Swap. I wasn't even careful opening it, tore the top off kitchen knife in hand to get thru the tape and here is what I was met by..

    Heeheehee-packages of shiny crinkly paper so easily distracting for a monkey..I received a lovely note from my Pal,Patricia. Oh Patricia, how you do spoil me!!!
    Look what was in there:

    There was coffee, THREE kinds!! Some lovely tea, ohh, berry...and those crinkly packages, jelly beans and chocolate!!!! I was good and didn't rip into the jb's ...however,I have never had Dove chocolate with messages, inside the wrappers there are messages, like Dove fortune cookies!! Ok ok I digress!!!

    OK, THEN I starting unwrapping the other things; There were locking stitch markers, I cannot tell you how long I have wanted these!!!,a Black Sheep tape measure, I just told my DS it may be the ultimate sign of being a knitter(so why didn't I have one? do we ever buy the things we want for us?),isn't she cute?? A very tiny bobble head monkey, DS insists it be glued to the dash of my banana yellow Beetle, an article with a Monkey medallion and beads in the Hufflepuff House colors(coincidence?) I apologize for not knowing if this is a book mark or needle holder is grand no matter!!!

    My oh my oh my:
    How does one describe the monkey goodness of these gifts? I have been oohing and ahhing over a few pairs of posted socks, I kept checking for clues, are these mine, no these are mine, no no...I nearly drove myself BANANAS!!!!! Anywhooo...
    I got BOTH!!!! The greatest green socks EVAH(to borrow a phrase from my Monkey Pal, Dawn) and the greatest green Koigu yarn EVAH!!!! I had mentioned hoping the Koigu socks were mine but if not I would search out the yarn to have for me...THEN I saw the green socks(Fearless Fibers in Kildare, heehee I love that name) and I thought I NEED those socks, Koigu will have to wait, I must find out what these socks are...and like magic, they came on the backs of winged monkeys(not really) and are here with me...they are perfect, soft, squishy, fit perfectly and GREEN!! bwahahahaha

    Ok Ok Ok OK...I saved these for the may have spied them up there in a picture...Look, little monkey/gorilla stitch markers!! Are they just TOO cute??!!??

    This is my second overwhelming package of goodness this week, I don't know if this is a new experience for you all but being the maker I was also the giver, to receive invokes a lump in my throat , trembling in my hands and water in eyes. Hopefully I will learn to get past all that, lol.
    Thank you Patricia, for all the wonderfulness contained in the box, for your thoughtfulness, and for the time and effort you put into my WONDERFUL Monkey socks.

    AND I received the Yarn Harlot's new book from Lia my wonderful spoilee from IT3, she was actually the first person I knit for outside family and a few friends. Now she is a new friend and quite a character., she had a contest on her blog and I won!! I am on a streak!!! I also won something from PRGE will post when that arrives!! Anyways I noticed the Yarn Harlot was wearing a sweater one of the fine knitters from the Dale KAL had also made....small world, eh?

    Thanks so much Lia, Kerry, Patricia,Sheri and again to Monica for my is good in my world and you all had a major role in that..Final silly pics, my tote took DS and I to Mystic Aquarium, this is the tote at the Sea Lion Show

    Sunday, April 22, 2007

    Knitters Coffee Swap

    Woohoo I made it in and there are so many old friends are the questions
    Here are the questions:
    1. Whole bean or ground?
    Either is fine, I don't have a grinder but can get one...
    2. Fully-loaded or decaf?
    Fully loaded please, not sure what decaf is all about, though I do drink it from time to time
    3. Regular or flavored?
    Either, no nutty flavors though
    4. How do you drink your coffee?
    Cream or skim milk no sugar
    5. Favorite coffee ever?
    Hmmmmm...that is tough, I had some terrific coffee in Quebec
    6. Are you fussy about your coffee or will any old bean do?
    I do not like Peet's , something odd about it
    7. Favorite treats to have with your coffee?
    Not really, hard cookies or chocolate
    8. Anything else about your coffee preferences?
    I love holding the hot mug in my hands and drink it fast enough that the mug stays hot
    9. Yarn/fiber you love?
    I am Loving, Noro, Koigu, Fable by Garnstudio
    10. Yarn/fiber you hate?
    100% acrylics
    11. What's on your needles?
    I have a lot of needles and a lot of WIPs, many socks, many sweaters, a Wizard hat, a few shawls, a tote
    12. Favorite colors?
    Green, purple, orange
    13. Allergies?
    Not me but son is deathly allergic to latex, nuts and other things not pertinent
    14. Anything you really love, really don't like, or just need to get off your chest?
    I am thrilled beyond words how the knitting community has joined in the WWW and knitters from all over the world can be a group, it is so very heartwarming

    Tuesday, April 17, 2007

    Secret Purse Swap/Posted on Swap Blog, Too

    I did not expect mail delivery on Patriot's Day. I tried to nap prior to going to work for the night but no luck. I went into living room to spend time with family before work and there, on the spot where I sit on the sofa, was a large box. A large box with arrows and directions where to open. I had received an email from my Pal saying I would probably get the box Tuesday, but as the return address indicated this was from the Purse Swap and my DH and younger DS had seen that, well... I had thought I had figured out who my pal was but had not seen any postings of yarn or progress. I was wrong! LOL....totally blown away....Upon opening the box I was greeted with lots of tissue paper strewn with purple and green ribbons(the two best colors)...sitting a top was a lovely , sweet note from my pal, Monica .

    I got to learn a bit about Monica and her life and the things enclosed in the package. I lifted some of the tissue and the first thing I saw was the beautiful tote Monica had designed herself, now I had just read she only learned to knit this past summer!!! The tote is huge and s0ft and gorgeous!! It has a beautiful pattern worked in all my favorite colors....I was ooohing and ahhing over it's loveliness but DH and DS wanted to know what else was there. Inside the bag were two needle holders Monica made, oh the colors and the fabrics, these pics are the open cases, some fancy embroidery was like a King's ransom of fine fabrics and handiwork....beautiful...I don't know what I did to deserve such spoiling but I didn't question it long enough to stop me from investigating the other gifts.

    I received some wonderful tea, oh so much chocolate...(I must say I am writing this from memory at work, I will double check I haven't forgot anything and post pics when I get home)...(oops I sent an email to Monica and realized I forgot to mention the lovely glass egg ornament) all the packages were tissue paper wrapped with more green and purple ribboning, the lavender colored glass egg is exquisite, in my china cabinet sit many eggs DH bought me, glass treasures eggs by Fenton, I have many dish patterns in there as well and this egg will mix right in with my Scottish thistle china pieces, it is beautiful...I unwrapped another package to find two candles in the exact color green of my bedroom, I think Monica was spying on me.....then there were the stitch markers, so many stitch markers in colors matching the bag and needle holders made by, you are right, the sweet Monica. There was a special tin with stitch markers inside.... the Eiffel Tower....DH proposed to me at the ET and I collect ETs...these are very special stitch markers,DS says jewelry for my knitting. OK are you teary yet? I am... :) There was a package with some adorable purple and green(sensing a theme) crocheted flowers. So delicate and feminine...I may be forgetting something but as I say I will pic in morning, except I am not done. Oh yes a beautiful shawl pin in colors coordinating with everything else and again, amazingly, with a shawl I am making!!!

    I have been wanting to make a particular pattern, I don't know how Monica knew but she sent me the pattern for
    Danica . I really wanted to try this pattern and had seen it done on a blog in Patons SWS, I even ordered a skein in colorway 70013. Guess what was wrapped in the final tissue paper? THREE skeins of Patons SWS in 70013!! How in the world did Monica know???

    It is amazing!!! I am so thrilled with everything I received, I am overwhelmed. I am grateful. Thank you so much Pal Monica!!!

  • Tuesday, April 10, 2007


    OK, so I feel like I have been posting a lot lately...but here are updates.

    Sent out this week:
    Very big box to Purse Swap Pal..hope she enjoys everything..she should have it Wednesday or Thursday
    April/Birthday Package out to PRGE Pal...packed full with nifty treats
    April box to SP 10, -I have already started the box for May..I like the SP, no theme, no restrictions, very much like the Colorswap and YFC
    Package to YFC hostess
    Package to YFC Pal...this was a quiet relationship but still lots of fun to acquire things to send
    Package to Monkey Pal...really interesting blog to read, hope she likes everything

    I am so excited for the Hogwarts Sock Swap, lovely Rebecca, head Monkey of the Monkey Sock Swap Round 1 and started round 2 also spearheaded the HSS. The group just blew up and has to be stopped at 100 members..altho R's blog lists her as an empty nestor I don't think that is true anymore, LOL

    one Chemo Cap
    one pair of Monkey socks

    I had so hoped to have more but right now I am on my 8th o12 nights in a row, let's see that would be 125 hours working, 24 hours commuting when all is said and done. So all I can do is keep on knitting.

    Saturday, April 07, 2007



    On my way out the door last night to go to work, i spied a package, a Rather hefty package, a package with the SP initials on it.....Could it be? COULD IT BE??..but alas I had to leave it as I know package etiquette is to take a pic when it is first opened before ransacking, I mean savoring the contents. So all night long through 12 very long hours I thought about the package with the SP initials on it, I daydreamed during scans wondering what could be inside....What was I thinking about, People asked. Just a package, a package of what? I don't know. On and on around and around it went...twelve long hours. Finally I was free, but could I go right home and see if the SP initial box was still there? No...sadly there were a few errands to run first. Why oh why did the cashier choose the time it was my turn to check out to count her money? How much could it be? It was barely 845 and they had just opened at 8...patience, patience, be worthy of the package with the SP initials.
    The bags are all still in the car, neglected and nearly forgotten as the package with the SP initials sits splayed open beside me. Oh the wonderful goodies it held...A lovely card explaining that the most wondrous yarn I have squooshed in some time was dyed on Cape Cod. The tag on the yarn further explained that the yarn was dyed in a lobster pot and dried in the Cape Cod salt air hence the name Lobster Pot Yarn, it is the most yummy color, Hydrangea. Do I love this yarn? I summered on a private beach in Manomet for many many years of my life. We owned a cottage there on the Cape and one in New Hampshire. Some many memories of frigid ocean water, bon fires and penny candy. I still have to travel to the ocean often. I live only 30-40 minutes from the Cape...seeing the yarn and reading its origins almost made me cry....I also received a pattern for a cable hat to make with the yarn...a candle that smells like a cookie, a COOKIE I tell you..a ginormous bag of Jelly Beans, a Pez dispenser shaped like a sheep-how cool is that and some healthy hand nail hand lotion...I really needed that. I don't know how SP knew the exact right things to put into the box with the SP initials but I must have the smartest SP there is. Thank you soo sooo much. I don't want to sleep, I want to cast on for my hat with the Lobster Pot Yarn and eat jelly beans. I am going to post this now and will post pics when I get up...

    Friday, April 06, 2007

    A Hufflepuffer's Answer To Hogwart Sock Swap Questionnaire

    1. What Hogwarts house have you been sorted into?

    Guess I was meant to be with the best.. the Hufflepuff House was the result of my test
    2. Shoe size?

    To knit me a sock to reach my calf would have to fit a seven and a half

    3. Foot Length?

    To dance the jig, a waltz or jive I do it all on nine point five

    4. Foot Circumference?

    I tried it once and then again and it kept coming out one less than ten

    5. List your three favorite double-point needle brands, including size and length.
    I like the PRYM, they are so slick, a 5 inch size 1 would be the one I pick

    b. Size 2 double pointed sticks, the only brand to buy is Knit Picks

    c. PLASTIC PLASTIC haul out your plastic, that is what I want for yarn that is elastic

    6. Would you like to try a new brand needle? If so, which brand? Size? Length?

    Any double points would do, especially if they were a gift from you.

    Are you willing to have an international Hogwarts Sock Pal?

    Fans of Potter and his friends

    Come from round the world, I mean all ends

    So if my pal came from a land afar

    Their package would still be delivered just not by car

    These are my answer to questions asked

    Read the first, read the last

    Is there still time to sign up you think?

    Press right

  • HERE
  • it is a link.

  • Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    I am so Vewwwwy Baaaaaad

    ALL of my recent sock yarn purchases came today. I had one heck of a time on my free day... everything was on sale except for the Angora Valley. Now must sock heehee money away for Kilcarra in Ireland in June. Let's see
    Fabel -on sale 14 skeins, did I mention I love this yarn

    Angora Valley-6 skeins, cool colorways

    WEBS-clearance, 1 Trekking, 2 Regia, 2 Sportivo

    Yes the font is small but I am trying to be very quiet...shhhhhhhh

    I will post pics in a few minutes...need to get camera, get sewing machine, wash gray out of my hair, post pics, cook pork chops and then nap before right back

    I came back with to tal to DH about doctor's appointment, wash gray out, perhaps go for a walk...

    Pictorial Update

    My PAL from the PRGE sent me these lovely things, some exquisite crane stationary, two flavors of Ghiardelli coffee(who knew),a chocolate Easter Bunny, a stuffed Easter Bunny, a fabulous sock pattern, some glorious Fearless Fibers yarn(I have never used this) in teal green/blue and two sets of dpns, a very retro set of 6 and a bamboo set of 5. I am so spoiled...a girl could get used to this. Thanks Pal, you rule!!

    Weekly Update

    No new pics yet....I have tried to clean up the blog a bit, move completed KALs..put buttons in where I have them.
    I apparently won a prize in a drawing for the SP10...there was a drawing in my group if you had the questionnaire posted on your blog. I NEVER win anything, not ever. There have been so many drawing for the KALs I have been in and this is my first win. I am so excited...I don't even need anything just winning is cool. My PRGE pal loved her things, it was all very sweet her posting and pics, I loved my things...I posted pics on the PRGE blog but not here. I will have to do that over the weekend. I really received some neat things.
    I am on a very long stretch at work, all shifts are 9-12 hours plus commute. I am on 13 of the next 14 nights. man.... SCRATCH THAT IT WAS 11OUT OF 12 NOW IT IS 12 IN A ROW.....
    There may be a rematch for the Socktopia KNITOFF at the end of the month. That will be cool but I will be in the same boat with no sleep...I must see if I can get someone to cover my Saturday..hmmmm
    We have our reservations for the first 3 nights in Ireland, then the following week we have rented a thatched 4 bedroom house, so cool, just need to find hotels for the last three nights. It is quite a costly trip for 5 adults, but that is why I am working like a KNUT..heehee...after so many years in my profession I do get paid well. Then it will be getting the boy ready for college. The older one gets his Masters in May, only 22 and will have his Masters in English, he hopes to become a professor and to work in publishing/editing.
    I have to decide if I am sending several small packages or one large package to my SP10 pal...I think several small ones would seem nicer, like she was always being remembered. I will have to review her questionnaore and see what I can do.
    Alrighty I am at work now, nice perk, so many computers, heehee, I have my Dale with me and my Monkey socks which I adore..the lady organizing the Monkey Sock Swap has just started up a Hogwarts Sock that sounds like fun. I hope when I am retired I will have the where with all to be so organized and organize swaps and what not. These folks are amazing, it has to be an overwhelming amount of work...and yet they ask for nothing. They are a special breed, the KALs and Swap hostesses. A big general Thank you from me to them all.