Friday, September 14, 2007

Foxie Friday

Hello Bev here is this week's update:

So in finishing the body I made an amazing DH proposed to me in Paris at the Eiffel Tower, I collect ETs...look what has shown up in the Foxie sweater

I have Eiffel Towers all over the sweater!! How cool is that? I have moved onto the first sleeve which should be fairly quick.
Also, I received my box from Rox this week from the Knitters Virtual Vacation Swap. I apparantly had quite the lovely time in KANSAS...I received this adorable card from my favorite movie, how did she know? Also there was more popcorn and one additional Menthos package but life happens!! :) The CTH Melange yarn is the most amazing yarn!!! I have never seen it and would love to get hold of another skein or two for a sweater. The colors are so me, she did an amazing job sending items. The Sockotta yarn is also my colorway to perfection!!! Chocolate sunflower seeds, blueberry popcorn, a wonderful magnet,some cool barbecue sauce, DH thanks you,,,...I hope I haven't forgotten anything...thank you Rox so much, I will definitely be visiting your lovely state in the future.

ALSO LOOK!!!!!!! The first installment of the Lucky Lurkers Sock CLub from Duet Sock yarns. NOW I have mentioned more than once how I LOVE Duet sock yarn. This is an exclusive to club is lucious, unfortunately like all the Duet sock yarns I don't want to use it, just save it and pet it, LOL.

These are two of my new books...there is maybe 10 items between the two books that are on my to do list. I am finding stash yarn to accomplish a few of the projects!

Still working on the stash. I will be away next week with DH at Disneyworld. DH, my biggest enabler, has mapped out several LYS along the way. How lucky am I? OK still 3 12 hour shifts before then, so must shower. I will post again before leaving. Have a terrific weekend everyone.


bev said...

Just love your foxes as long as they stay put! And the Eiffel Tower! My boyfriend proposed to me in the Plaza Major in Madrid! Didn't see any Plazas in my sweater! Oh well. Love the new yarns. You can send me you sock yarn. I promise to make a pair of socks. Pleeeeeeezzzzzzz!!!!!!!

Lorraine said...

Cheryl- I would never have noticed the Eiffel Towers in a million years.

Isn't getting stuff in the mail the best?

vegasangelbrat said...

I didn't notice the Eiffel towers, I saw cat Beautiful work your doing, wow!!
I hope you and DH have a fantastic trip and can't wait to hear about the LYS on the way..DH is definitely a keeper :)

Dorothy said...

That sweater is unbelievable!