Thursday, August 16, 2007

Things That Make Me Go Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Just returned from food shopping, after having cleaned all the cupboards this week I realzie I don't need to buy tuna every week as there are no less than 22 cans in there now..I digress. The new Interweave Knits came out 2 days ago and I cannot get it at the LYS for probably another week. No biggie...there are bookstores I can visit and if I am not mistaken there is a new VK out..again I digress.... I went to Sh--s, not sure I can write the name, LOL, and they didn't have the new yogurt I just saw that gets rid of some cholesteral but they did have the new Interweave Knits...hmmmmmmmmmmm

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bev said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. What is in the new IW Knits? And that yogurt...I so like Rachel's Exotics better. Pomegranate/Acai, Lavender Honey and Mango. Whole Foods Rocks! But, alas, they don't have IW Knits.