Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One More Yarn Club

I while ago one of the first swaps I was in was a Colorswap...my pal to spoil was Jana. A truly lovely person, you could always feel the excitment in her words. I sent Jana some sock yarn as she mentioned in her blog she hadn't knit socks but would like to. Well, I feel like a proud momma because since then Jana has opened her own studio, White Oak Studio has the most amazing line of yarn which she calls TVyarn. Jana dyes her yarn in colorways reminiscent of tv programs. SHe frequently has contests to come up with new colorways and now has started a yarn club. Can you even imagine that? The first three month series is Chick Flick Movies!! You can sign up(if there are spots open) through her ETSY site. Please do browse her yarn selection at least, I have sample knit and knit with her yarns and they are exquisite.

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