Friday, August 17, 2007

Looky Here ANOTHER Post!!

OK I seem to be typing more than knitting....this week's delivery from Loopy Ewe (truly they seem to be weekly) is this lovely yarn and a LE small zippered tote. Two more Sock Duets to add to my stash, I will have to update that pic. I also have the lovely Anniversary Yarn from JKnits and Fleece Artist in Midnight. I believe I have some other Fleece Artist I will team this with for a Chevron Scarf perhaps...

OK Now BEWARE, if you are as opposed to 100% acrylic for clothing as I am avert your eyes. Do as I did and peek gently through your fingers. This is Berocco COMFORT. Their new answer to acrylic , it is 50/50 acrylic and nylon and machine washable and one of the softest yet bouncy yarns I have felt.

DS2 is off to college in 16 days and I am very much feeling empty nest although DS 1 lives with us and Nephew's GF lives with us and DS1 GF is always here...perhaps because he is my baby(we had 4 or 5 miscarriages after him, both boys are my DH stepDSs) Perhaps because we did not think we would celebrate his first birthday and now he is a fine young man. Perhaps because he is my monkeyboy. (Taking a minute to wipe my eyes)...anyways...I plan on knitting him a sweater he can trash at school(though I don't believe he will). I have the design all picked out in my mind and hope to knit on this soon and send it to him in October in a care package. He is my artsy boy, photography major, totally colorblind, LOL. He generally wears striped or plaid shoes and at IKEA the other day while dorm shopping he had to reassure me that the two sets of plaid sheets we purchased would be hunky dory under the striped comforter set, LOL. He loves life even with all he has been through medically and was enthralled by the purchase of an old fashioned wind up alarm clock. He will have fun at school, his friend is his roommate and early acceptance and quick replies to deadlines have them in a double only. His other new cool thing is a tallish refrigerator for his room that has a lock. He is not sure why he would need to lock his fridge but he is planning to, LOL. I though in off season it would be a great yarn holder especially because it locks! I am waiting for Ravelry to let me in and then I will seriously have to account for my stash, though it isn't as bad as I believe. Much goes out in swaps and I am mostly down to keeping my LE purchases and yarn I receive in swaps.
OK I must color the gray out of my hair and get ready for work yet again. Tonight finish the intricate stag bag and mail it to the very patient dear lady who got a flaky pal. I have the lining fabric already so hopefully Monday it will hit the road.


Sydney said...

Beautiful yarn purchases! I'm all in favor of acrylic when it works better for a garment to be machine washed. It sounds like DS2 will have a lot of fun in college. It's great that his friend will be his roommate.

Lorraine said...

Cheryl- Incredible yarn purchases.

You know, however much we miss them as children, we have to be joyful that they are taking the next step, and the college years can be the best time of their lives.
So be happy for him, and know you raised a fine adult.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for your comments and always kind words ladies....we are lucky to have them and can only hope they return once set free.

bev said...

Cheryl; You sound like such a MOM! No matter how many are at home, the one that isn't leaves such a hole. Right there with you and your empty nest feeling. But, as he grows in life, you can take pride in the foundation you gave him.

All that aside, yarn makes it mostly better though!