Sunday, August 12, 2007

OK, I am attempting to get caught up as it would seem the summer of nonstop working is drawing to an end. So much to talk about, patterns, Yarn Harlot, yarns, KALs, Swaps...

OK ,so I think you can see the pic below of Stephanie Pearl McPhee,the Yarn Harlot . I saw her on Aug 2 at a Borders Book Store in Burlington, MA. My final tally for extra hours worked beyond my normal 144 for the month was 156, so August 2 I thought I deserved a break. I almost didn't go as I was tired, but I am glad I did. Talk about funny, and I could relate to every anecdote, every quirk. I once attended a conference in Chicago for the field I am in, It was the North American Conference and tens of thousands of attendants from all the world, speaking in many languages were there. It was the neatest thing to know that everyone there no matter where they were from knew what I did for a living and understood it. Seeing Stephanie was very much like that on a smaller scale. So many knitters, so many Monkey Socks, the Ravelry folks were there and if I can ever figure out who she is there was a designer from Knitty I believe. I begged off having my pic done with Stephanie and apologized if that insulted her. She was humble and gracious and just very cool. Laid out on her table is the Kauin sweater which so many are working on now. If you have the opportunity to see her, I would recommend going. It was a lot of fun. I had her sign two books, one for me and one for my pal in the Virtual Vacation Swap because if she vacationed here surely she would have gone to see the Yarn Harlot. The travelling sock was there, I brought my Karen's Glove to work on. The glove received many ooohs and aahhhs. It reminded me how much I enjoy the glove and it has moved up on the WIP to become FO list.

Next, I received an email one day telling me the pattern for the July Sock Club sock from Chameleon Colorworks was not mailed with the yarn. Sock Club?? Did I sign up?? Hmmm...yes indeed I did and am I glad!! This sock is done from the toe up,new for me, and is color stranded. Now I do much in the way of multi color knitting but not a sock. long should the floats be carried? After 8 attempts to cast on and knit the first row using the figure 8 cast on I was successful. I adore the colors. The second sock is worked in the opposite color combination if I so desire. Isn't it neat?

Speaking of sock clubs see the yarn on the top, that is the sock yarn from the Loopy Ewe Sock Club for the Fall sock. It is Claudia Handpainted Yarn in a beautiful exclusive colorway for the LE. As always, Sheri included little extras, a small accessories tote, the most adorable stitch markers,(speaking of see below) and a pattern for the yarn. I have had several deliveries since last blogging about yarn but this is some of the LE stash that has not been put away. There is Yarn Love in Flirt, Interlacements in Turkish Carpet(so regal),Knittery in Lakeside Flora, sKNITches selfstriping in Bearsdley, Dream in Color in Spring Tickle. Not pictured I also received CHerry Tree Hill in Winterberry and Wild Cherry as well as Dream in Color in Cocoa Kiss. If you have never visited the Loopy Ewe you simply must. Sheri carries the most exquisite yarns and is the nicest lady.

Stitch markers..I have been on a little frenzy buying stitch markers from an Etsy Dealer, weeones She designs stm from polymer clay and they are the most awesome little pieces of art. She is actually designing me a set of Boston themed stm for my Pal in the VVS. I have recently received these

Too too cute, don't you think?

I have joined the Wheat Ear Cable Yoke sweater KAL. This is pattern in Fall 2007 Interweave Knits and I really liked it. I find unless I join the KALS and see the reminder in the sidebar I forget what I want to make. So WEBS is having their end of summer sale and I got this worsted weight Cascade Pima Silk to make the sweater. It seemed very grey on the screen but when I received it , is much more olive drab. I do still love it but was trying to move away from the greens. Some things are just meant to be. I also believe I purchased far too much, LOL, I guess it won't hurt to have the extra to add to the length.

Interweave Knits had a hurt book book sake a few weeks back and I was fortunate enough to get these three books at a reduction.

A really talented knitter pal o mine Lorraine Condetta designs the most exquisite Fair Isle sweaters. I have been stalking her waiting for the patterns to become available as up til now you could only get them in kits from She Ewe Knits . Well, at long last, Lorraine is a sweetie, I love reading her blog and "hearing" about her dieting success, her family goings on and her of course her knitting news. She has designed a gorgeous Aran sweater which I am trying to stop drooling over. Do visit her site and enjoy the beauty of her creations.

Gosh I love Duet Sock Yarn!!! This is my latest acquisition....I was also sooooooo lucky to get into the Lucky Lurkers Sock Club!!! I missed the original sign-up but Angela hinted there would be sporadic openings through July. I got in!!!! Do visit A Swell Yarn ShopThe yarns are amazing and like a lot of my favorite yarns , Duets Yarn is offered at Loopy Ewe

  • Well now...WHAT do we have here? I waited a long time for my Sundara yarn The dealer dyes in small quantities and is very busy. But is well worth the wait. This glorious colorway is called Sweet Briar Rose. It is magnificent. The pattern I ordered came in this lovely lavendar envelope. Cool! One last entry for this blog. I have been diligently working on an Angel Tote for a lovely lady and nearing completion. This is the Intricate Stag Tote a free pattern from Interweave Knits It is made from Berroco Ultra Light Alpaca. I LOVE it!! DH is already asking for it in 4 panels in wool to be felted...what can I do but make it soon for my biggest supporter?

    So if you have made it this far you probably need a cup of coffe...thanks for reading. Tomorrow, FO pictures......


    vegasangelbrat said...

    Your not alone Cheryl in trying to get catch
    I love all your yarn thougha nd those stithc markers are really the ones that look like thats me, junk food junkie)
    I'm really glad you got to see the Yarn Harlot..sound slike you enjoyed yourself :) Talk to ya soon..Have a good one!! Don't work to hard :)

    Babs said...

    I'm oozing jealously. I ordered Brier Rose, thank goodness I got one of the last 3, but I'm still waiting. I don't blame Sundara, since she's still switching things over to a new shipping facility, but I'm still impatient!!!