Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not About Knitting, Mostly

OK, yesterday I read a post on Bev's blog about Spam and Jello and laughed myself silly. Bev pointed out every once in a while funny posts are needed. So this is my addition to the silly posts.
As you know DS2 is going off to college in a few days. A few weeks back we spent some time at IKEA shopping. He is 17 and not really into shopping so his goal was speed and efficiency. Mine was picking out good stuff. SO we started with a duvet set in this pattern

and looked for sheets, We knew they had xtra long twin plaid and got two sets at which point I wanted to return the striped duvet set and get something more coordinating with the sheets.
"Cheryl, it is fine"
I was told repeatedly, as we meandered around I kept pointing out the clashing of the duvet and the sheets and again
"Cheryl it is fine"
but they aren't even the same color,
"Cheryl I am totally colorblind and they match to me".
Ok I will stop looking but now you need to pick out a comforter,
"What are you talking about? What is the striped thing for?"
to hold a down comforter
and we need pillows, two for the set and one for the pillowcase.
"Wait a minute now, are you telling me we have those pillow things I am not allowed to sleep on but still need pillows?"
yes, you have two shams.
"I don't need them"
Yes they are part of the set.
"OK fine but why do I need a comforter?"
To stuff the duvet with.
"What is stuffing it now?"
Nothing it is empty
"Don't they sell this stuff all put together?"
Yes we can look...
"Nevermind I will find a comforter."
Great now we need a mattress pad
So you don't sleep on the mattress
"Isn't that what sheets are for?"
This goes under the sheets
"Under the sheets, on the mattress?
" Yes"
Then why do I need sheets"
Let's just get one...Now you need a hamper/laundry basket and underbed storage boxes
"What am I storing under the bed?"
ANything that doesn't fit elsewhere.
"Can I get a wall clock?"
"WHOA how about this really cool alarm clock?"

It winds up and doesn't have a snooze
"That's ok I was going to use my cell phone alarm anyways"
But you still want the wind up?
"Yes it is cool"
So a few hours and a couple hundred dollars later we were all set.
His refrigerator has a lock, he doesn't know why food needs to be locked up but he will lock it. His plans are to fill it with Y**H** and Pi**aBite* We won't even discuss the importance of having towels and hand towels that match.
So now DH is finishing building him a fixed gear bike as he is not allowed to his truck on campus first year. DH is a trained Olympic bike mechanic with much time in the bike industry altho his career is medical.
So there you have it. I am sure after Sunday there will be tales of the moving in and setting up process. There wasn't much halabaloo with DS1 but we were new to this.

OK we are off to the orthodontist and the college book store because he did agree there was something to getting your books before the first day of class. The knitting part? He was to drive himself to the orthodontist but is sleepy and has agreed to let his mother drive him, so I will sit in the car and knit whilst he is inside. Alas it is a few extra minutes before he leaves. He is currently having chocolate cake for breakfast. Cake I made last night saying noone in the dorm would be baking for him, heehee...but as with his brother I will make brownie runs weekly. We are close enough that the brownies will arrive hot.


sunneshine said...

Loved the shopping story - LOL! I did that with my brother when he went to school - he was thankful in the end :)

I loved commuting on my fixed gear to class! (It was actually my track bike that had been crashed one too many times and was not longer racing safe, but fine for tooling around. And I felt so cool, there weren't many around in Boulder.) I notice most of the kids around here cheat now and have single speeds.

Have fun taking DS2 to school!

bev said...

Funny, funny, funny. Shopping with the boy! And you survived? Great story! What did you end up with though; the striped duvet or a comforter? And with sheets to match?