Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Little R and R

So DH decided I had worked too much this summer. After the two weeks in Ireland the work has been non stop. He took me away to Martha's Vineyard for an overnight camping trip. He had the site for two nights but me being the mother I am needed to get back to do last minute things with DS2 as this is the last night before work. He moves in Sun morning. Anywho, we took the gear on the bicycles. Took the ferry over and me never having been before exclaimed upon arrivel, It looks just like Universal Studios(they have a JAWS area modeled after the vineyard). He just shook his head. We did some riding which was easier after the gear was off the bikes. I t was really nice, we decided we were too old to sleep in the tent on the ground again so unless the car was involved to carry the air We are thinking of taking the chubby little bug car back over in the colder weather and spend an overnight in a hotel.(The bug originally lived there which is how we bought a 5 year old car with only 21,000 miles on it!)
Today I must get a few last minute things for DS2's move and am hoping to start sorting stash to get onto Ravelry.
I have also just fallen in love, again.
Lorraine has finished another Fair Isle, this is truly to die for. Long, hooded, my style all the way.. Oh do go see her site and check out the beautiful patterns she has offered for sale.
OK I am going to get my day started, actually started several hours ago as I got up to send DS1 off to work with a have a good day, got up an hour before him, waited and waited and his room is empty, hmmmm....where is my DS1? Perhaps the answer will appear later.

I will add some pics later as well


Lorraine said...

Cheryl- I have always wanted to visit Martha's Vineyard. But after years of sleeping in tents, I agree- much better to have a mattress. And a toilet.

Thanks for the nice words about Guin-

bev said...

Isn't Guin the loverliest?!? May have to splurge and get that one! Martha's Vineyard...lifestyles of the rich and famous. Can I come too next time?