Saturday, April 07, 2007



On my way out the door last night to go to work, i spied a package, a Rather hefty package, a package with the SP initials on it.....Could it be? COULD IT BE??..but alas I had to leave it as I know package etiquette is to take a pic when it is first opened before ransacking, I mean savoring the contents. So all night long through 12 very long hours I thought about the package with the SP initials on it, I daydreamed during scans wondering what could be inside....What was I thinking about, People asked. Just a package, a package of what? I don't know. On and on around and around it went...twelve long hours. Finally I was free, but could I go right home and see if the SP initial box was still there? No...sadly there were a few errands to run first. Why oh why did the cashier choose the time it was my turn to check out to count her money? How much could it be? It was barely 845 and they had just opened at 8...patience, patience, be worthy of the package with the SP initials.
The bags are all still in the car, neglected and nearly forgotten as the package with the SP initials sits splayed open beside me. Oh the wonderful goodies it held...A lovely card explaining that the most wondrous yarn I have squooshed in some time was dyed on Cape Cod. The tag on the yarn further explained that the yarn was dyed in a lobster pot and dried in the Cape Cod salt air hence the name Lobster Pot Yarn, it is the most yummy color, Hydrangea. Do I love this yarn? I summered on a private beach in Manomet for many many years of my life. We owned a cottage there on the Cape and one in New Hampshire. Some many memories of frigid ocean water, bon fires and penny candy. I still have to travel to the ocean often. I live only 30-40 minutes from the Cape...seeing the yarn and reading its origins almost made me cry....I also received a pattern for a cable hat to make with the yarn...a candle that smells like a cookie, a COOKIE I tell you..a ginormous bag of Jelly Beans, a Pez dispenser shaped like a sheep-how cool is that and some healthy hand nail hand lotion...I really needed that. I don't know how SP knew the exact right things to put into the box with the SP initials but I must have the smartest SP there is. Thank you soo sooo much. I don't want to sleep, I want to cast on for my hat with the Lobster Pot Yarn and eat jelly beans. I am going to post this now and will post pics when I get up...


white oak studio said...

Hi Cheryl! great gifts from your pal, I'm jealous!!

I opened my etsy shop today - I'll send you email


bev said...

What gorgeous yarn! And from a lobster pot! I could send you some dyed in a stock tank! LOL