Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Weekly Update

No new pics yet....I have tried to clean up the blog a bit, move completed KALs..put buttons in where I have them.
I apparently won a prize in a drawing for the SP10...there was a drawing in my group if you had the questionnaire posted on your blog. I NEVER win anything, not ever. There have been so many drawing for the KALs I have been in and this is my first win. I am so excited...I don't even need anything just winning is cool. My PRGE pal loved her things, it was all very sweet her posting and pics, I loved my things...I posted pics on the PRGE blog but not here. I will have to do that over the weekend. I really received some neat things.
I am on a very long stretch at work, all shifts are 9-12 hours plus commute. I am on 13 of the next 14 nights. man.... SCRATCH THAT IT WAS 11OUT OF 12 NOW IT IS 12 IN A ROW.....
There may be a rematch for the Socktopia KNITOFF at the end of the month. That will be cool but I will be in the same boat with no sleep...I must see if I can get someone to cover my Saturday..hmmmm
We have our reservations for the first 3 nights in Ireland, then the following week we have rented a thatched 4 bedroom house, so cool, just need to find hotels for the last three nights. It is quite a costly trip for 5 adults, but that is why I am working like a KNUT..heehee...after so many years in my profession I do get paid well. Then it will be getting the boy ready for college. The older one gets his Masters in May, only 22 and will have his Masters in English, he hopes to become a professor and to work in publishing/editing.
I have to decide if I am sending several small packages or one large package to my SP10 pal...I think several small ones would seem nicer, like she was always being remembered. I will have to review her questionnaore and see what I can do.
Alrighty I am at work now, nice perk, so many computers, heehee, I have my Dale with me and my Monkey socks which I adore..the lady organizing the Monkey Sock Swap has just started up a Hogwarts Sock that sounds like fun. I hope when I am retired I will have the where with all to be so organized and organize swaps and what not. These folks are amazing, it has to be an overwhelming amount of work...and yet they ask for nothing. They are a special breed, the KALs and Swap hostesses. A big general Thank you from me to them all.

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