Monday, April 23, 2007


For the blog-ged, please post this on your blog no later than April 30th! For the blog-free, please include your answers with your registration!

1. How long have you been knitting or crochetting? How did you learn

I have been knitting, crocheting for 40 years. I believe my aunt taught me initially then I figured it out on my own.

2. What are your favorite yarns to knit\crochet felted bags with?

WOOL, all wool, seems to felt the best

3. What are your favorite needles to knit\crochet with?

Knitpicks, bamboo, plastic

4. What are the last 3 bags you knitted\crochetted (include URL for Yahoo! or flickr album or your blog if you have them!)? You can also link to patterns if you don't have pictures of your finished objects!

Let's see...I believe there have been only three, heehee

5. Do you carry the bags that you make, give them as gifts, or both?
So far they have been given as swaps..I do carry one of the ones I received
6. What is your favorite felted bag that you have made for yourself?
I have not, but I am mad about the 1st and 3rd in the pics
7. What are your favorite colors?
Purple, green, orange
Do you like bags in these colors or choose other colors?
Any color is fine
8. Chocolate: White, Milk, Dark, or not so much?
I am currently chocolated out, white first, but currently I would rather have hard candy
9. Coffee, Tea, or Milk?
Coffe, then tea
10. Do you prefer sweet or salty treats? What kinds?
Salty sweet is good, but really I am chocolated out
11. If you went into Bath and Body Works and could only come out with one item, what would it be and what would it smell like?
A shower gel in any cookie scent
12. Do you enjoy any other crafts or hobbies? Do you collect anything?
All crafts, I collect Eiffel Towers and for some reason have never mentioned I collect Mr Potato Heads
13. Are there any bag patterns you have not yet knit, but hope to someday?
ALL of them, especially the Noni bags
14. What is currently OTN (on the needles) for you?
I seriously cannot answer that, look at all KALS
15. What is your most recent finished object before that?
Socks, I have been knocking off socks
16. What's cutest: Puppies, Piggies or Pixies?
17. Do you enjoy reading? Books, Magazines, or both?
18. Do you have any children? (kid-kind or pet-kind apply!)
DS 22 and getting Masters in May
DS GF 22 just received Bachelor's(She is age correct DSs both are advanced)
DS 17 and graduating HS in May
19. What are some of your favorite yarns for other projects?
Noro, Koigu and Louet, I am newly exposed to fearless Fibers and there is an Etsy dealer DHARMAFEY whose sock yarn I adore
20. And for the final question, one I see debated all over: Novelty Yarn: Love it! Hate it! or It depends!
It depends

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