Monday, April 23, 2007

I am so Lucky

Man, I have received some FANTASTIC boxes of goodies lately, I am still overwhelmed and then today I receive these:

This is SOL JOY handpainted yarn I won from a contest from Secret Pal 10 Kerry sent this to me...I have lusted after this yarn, and now I own it!!! What would be the perfect socks to make? Any suggestions would be welcome...isn't the color way grand?


I have ordered from the Loopy Ewe a few times and every time there would be a cute little extra, needle size chart,stitch marker, etc..I just thought they were very generous, heehee, Well after my 5th order I was informed with my 6th order I would become a Loopy Groupie...well could you resist? Me neither...I received this outrageous tote, sock yarn, SOAK samples and Loopy kisses....Sheri's yarn, patterns, etc are always top notch. The service is fast and so friendly. I always felt special getting the little exttras and she does it for everyone!!! Do go check out her things.
I Forgot to Post this, MONKEYS MONKEYS
Hello Monkeys, Chimps and all other lovely creatures...I am here to tell you today, I-yes me- received a box from MTN HOME AFB ID...heeheeheee Did I know what would be in there? Sure as it was marked Monkey Sock Swap. I wasn't even careful opening it, tore the top off kitchen knife in hand to get thru the tape and here is what I was met by..

Heeheehee-packages of shiny crinkly paper so easily distracting for a monkey..I received a lovely note from my Pal,Patricia. Oh Patricia, how you do spoil me!!!
Look what was in there:

There was coffee, THREE kinds!! Some lovely tea, ohh, berry...and those crinkly packages, jelly beans and chocolate!!!! I was good and didn't rip into the jb's ...however,I have never had Dove chocolate with messages, inside the wrappers there are messages, like Dove fortune cookies!! Ok ok I digress!!!

OK, THEN I starting unwrapping the other things; There were locking stitch markers, I cannot tell you how long I have wanted these!!!,a Black Sheep tape measure, I just told my DS it may be the ultimate sign of being a knitter(so why didn't I have one? do we ever buy the things we want for us?),isn't she cute?? A very tiny bobble head monkey, DS insists it be glued to the dash of my banana yellow Beetle, an article with a Monkey medallion and beads in the Hufflepuff House colors(coincidence?) I apologize for not knowing if this is a book mark or needle holder is grand no matter!!!

My oh my oh my:
How does one describe the monkey goodness of these gifts? I have been oohing and ahhing over a few pairs of posted socks, I kept checking for clues, are these mine, no these are mine, no no...I nearly drove myself BANANAS!!!!! Anywhooo...
I got BOTH!!!! The greatest green socks EVAH(to borrow a phrase from my Monkey Pal, Dawn) and the greatest green Koigu yarn EVAH!!!! I had mentioned hoping the Koigu socks were mine but if not I would search out the yarn to have for me...THEN I saw the green socks(Fearless Fibers in Kildare, heehee I love that name) and I thought I NEED those socks, Koigu will have to wait, I must find out what these socks are...and like magic, they came on the backs of winged monkeys(not really) and are here with me...they are perfect, soft, squishy, fit perfectly and GREEN!! bwahahahaha

Ok Ok Ok OK...I saved these for the may have spied them up there in a picture...Look, little monkey/gorilla stitch markers!! Are they just TOO cute??!!??

This is my second overwhelming package of goodness this week, I don't know if this is a new experience for you all but being the maker I was also the giver, to receive invokes a lump in my throat , trembling in my hands and water in eyes. Hopefully I will learn to get past all that, lol.
Thank you Patricia, for all the wonderfulness contained in the box, for your thoughtfulness, and for the time and effort you put into my WONDERFUL Monkey socks.

AND I received the Yarn Harlot's new book from Lia my wonderful spoilee from IT3, she was actually the first person I knit for outside family and a few friends. Now she is a new friend and quite a character., she had a contest on her blog and I won!! I am on a streak!!! I also won something from PRGE will post when that arrives!! Anyways I noticed the Yarn Harlot was wearing a sweater one of the fine knitters from the Dale KAL had also made....small world, eh?

Thanks so much Lia, Kerry, Patricia,Sheri and again to Monica for my is good in my world and you all had a major role in that..Final silly pics, my tote took DS and I to Mystic Aquarium, this is the tote at the Sea Lion Show


sunneshine said...

How fun - such wonderful boxes of goodies and those cute monkey stitch markers!! You must have been a very good girl lately ;-)

Cheryl said...

I don't know if I have been good or just haven't been caught, heehee

Lovs2Knit said...'ve had plenty to Squeee about here lately. Goodies goodies everywhere. Isn't it great to be a Loopy Groupie. :~)

Rubys & Purls said...

Cheryl it is soooo cool to see the tote I made for you in action! I am really glad you have gotten lots of goodies from all your swaps. I am still waiting for my package.

Those stitch markers are too cute! I know they will come in handy while making more monkey socks!