Tuesday, April 10, 2007


OK, so I feel like I have been posting a lot lately...but here are updates.

Sent out this week:
Very big box to Purse Swap Pal..hope she enjoys everything..she should have it Wednesday or Thursday
April/Birthday Package out to PRGE Pal...packed full with nifty treats
April box to SP 10, -I have already started the box for May..I like the SP, no theme, no restrictions, very much like the Colorswap and YFC
Package to YFC hostess
Package to YFC Pal...this was a quiet relationship but still lots of fun to acquire things to send
Package to Monkey Pal...really interesting blog to read, hope she likes everything

I am so excited for the Hogwarts Sock Swap, lovely Rebecca, head Monkey of the Monkey Sock Swap Round 1 and started round 2 also spearheaded the HSS. The group just blew up and has to be stopped at 100 members..altho R's blog lists her as an empty nestor I don't think that is true anymore, LOL

one Chemo Cap
one pair of Monkey socks

I had so hoped to have more but right now I am on my 8th o12 nights in a row, let's see that would be 125 hours working, 24 hours commuting when all is said and done. So all I can do is keep on knitting.


Dawn said...

I got my package and now I can't find your email addy! I love everything...........the socks are to die for! I posted about my package on MSS blog and will post pics when dh comes home with the camera.

Thank you so much! I love you a ton!!

Marigold said...

Thanks for being a hufflepuff prefect! :)