Monday, February 19, 2007

More Finished Objects

OK so here is my finished Coronet tweaked hat, my DOT bag for the International Tote Swap and a smaller Tote waiting for a zipper. This one has no home right now but has been waiting to be fulled, so it is.

Turning 50
OK, no I did not, next year I will. That is the first time I have put it in writing, scary. Anywho...I am hoping to accomplish some things this final year of fortydom
Lose 50 lbs...more than I need to, but will give it a go.
Complete 50 projects..I am not counting anything except from birthday forward far count is's a start.
Save $5 a week and donate $50 to each of 5 charities
Ride 5 50 mile minimum charity bike rides, last year I rode a 62 and an 80.

I think that is enough.

Happy President's Day all.....


vegasangelbrat said...

Oh wow, that spotted bag did come out really great!! Your hat looks good and so does your other bag, like those colors in it too :)
Glad was able to see here on your blog..Great Job!! (and Thanks!!)

Lia said...

You have set some very admirable goals for yourself this year! I hope you make it :)

I love your hat - that is so cute!! And those bags are to die for!

TeAntae said...

That DOT tote is GORGEOUS!!!

Love your goals. I have no doubt you'll suceed. =)