Friday, February 09, 2007

Goodbye for Now

OK, another week, another FO, I needed a hat for Ireland so here we have a tweeked version on
  • Coronet
  • . I wanted the cable wider so I doubles it...I like the look, the cable was so pretty I wanted more. This was knit from yarn from my stash, Durango...something...The hat will be in the Fall Cable KAL and the Tweeding ALong KAL. I might, when I have nothing to do, make a matching scarf by tripling the cables..
    ALso, I may before I get on the plane, have the two color stranded cabled Fetchings to post as finished.
    OK so I am bringing along to Ireland, the Fox Dale sweater, a pair of socks and the red and black Berocco bag for the swap. I am hoping to come back with the bag done, body of Dale significantly done and one sock done as I will have the man with the very large feet there with me to try it on as I go....we are planning on visiting the Aran Isles, Waterford Crystal, and I believe he has found 4 , yes 4 yarn shops...I actually am hoping to find patterns more than yarn.
    OK then, I am of course at work and will post pics when I have had some rest, as I am back to work tonight home tomorrow to pack(no sleep) and then off we go.

    I will be back at the end of the week...
    Be safe, be happy...

    Rebekah said...

    Have a wonderful trip! We went to Waterford Crystal when we went, be prepare for your jaw to hit the floor!

    I got some beautiful wine glasses while I was there, 1 4-piece set and one 2-piece set. They are so special.

    Oh and if you drink whisky, indulge in a bottle of Red Breast.

    Carrie K said...

    Oh, that sounds like so much fun! Have a great time!

    sunneshine said...

    Looking forward to the photos!! Have a great trip!!