Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm It for now

I've been tagged by Monica for the 5 secrets meme. This is how it works:* Get tagged by someone * Write down 5 things that have never been revealed on your blog before* Tag 5 others
1. I didn't see Bambi until I was an adult...and...I DIDN'T cry...
2. Altho I can rollercoasters all day non stop, no holding on, the ferris wheel terrifies me and I have had the ride stopped so I could get off it.
3. I can't twist...I had my spine fused at a lower level and now can not do the twist....
4. I can't read a map...
5. My sons call me by my first name, always have, always oldest started when he was 10 months old and the younger followed suit...When they were younger there was no Mother's Day, it was Cheryl's Day

OK now I have to tag 5 people....I will think on this and tag them in a bit. I am at work right now...

OK I have done the dirty deed and tagged 5 poor souls..that was tough...
The victims are
  • Lia
  • ,
  • Kim in NJ
  • ,
  • Samuel
  • ,
  • Rorra
  • and
  • Dawn
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    Lia said...

    Hi Cheryl!

    I posted my secrets. Now I am off to find 5 other victims :)

    Thanks for reading my blog!