Saturday, February 24, 2007

February 24 Partial Update

OK, so I am posting early, will add to post on Monday. Have been diligently working on socks, bags, sweaters. My DOT bag was sent out to its new home, hopefully the recipient will enjoy it. Speaking of recipient , I received my first ever package from a pal in the YFC ....there is Starbucks coffee, a lovely mug, purple heart pin, 3 skeins of Noro Kureyon, an herbal back wrap, a glass ornament, nail file with knitting theme, there were foam conversation heart heart strewn thoughout the lovely wraped items. I feel very spoiled by Carol. Thank you so very much.

I received some lovely gifts on my birthday from my family. Among the gifts were these two books from sons and DGF, I coveted the cable book after seeing it on Rebekah's blog
  • , and have been wanting to read The Tale of Two Cities for all the knitting references.

    My DH gave me a winder and a swift, I post action shots later...and ordered me some Kilkarra yarn....woohoo, no used day for me, heehee...I have used the February day, not the Jaunary day.

    I am working on finishing my Socktopia February Socks and the Vintage Socks for the Feb/March challenge. The Dale is moving along and after a bit of finishing on another pair, well the colorstranded pair of Fetching for younger DS I post another FO.
    OH the Tote Exchange, I am working on that bag which is flying along, yea for size 13 needles and bulkiy yarn!!

    OK It is a worknight but I wanted to thank Carol again.

    I will finetune this post Monday. Yes I know I will add a pic or two of Ireland in the next week or so....

    sunneshine said...

    A winder and swift - you lucky girl!!

    sunneshine said...

    And Happy, happy Birthday!!

    Cheryl said...

    Thanks much sunneshine