Sunday, March 07, 2010

No More Knitting

Caught your attention didn't I? Not for a few weeks, I have been spending so much time knitting and working things around the house are neglected. We are planning to rip out the upstairs bath and need to do it this month. I am hoping it is only a two week project but ....

So as usual I am typing this from my per diem job. I will insert pics tomorrow unless I can retrieve them from here.
The second baby set has been gifted. It is for a boy so not the beautiful Peace set I knit for the girl baby. This set was planned to have pants and booties as well, but time eluded me, the yarn for the blanket was back ordered and came too late to complete that as well. But complete it I will. I love the colors of brown, yellow and blue together and apparently my SIL did as well when she opened the gift at her baby shower. That is a good thing.

My Olympic sweaters are still very nearby...and will be completed next. I have Louise with me here at work and will do a few rows as time allows. Lillehammer, ahhh, I want to sit and just knit on that til it is completed but am trying to be more productive than impulsive.

the loverlies in the Knit A Norwegian group on Ravelry made so many beautiful sweaters. very impressive. I have also obtained the yarn for melbu and the yarn for Gjende is back ordered but will arrive soon.

My puppies and kitties are cuter than ever and steal my time away. The girlie kitty has taken to napping with me. She gets right up to my face nose to nose and purrs so loudly I have to laugh and then she knows I am not sleeping and the cuddling starts. We go round and round til finally I have to cover my face so she cannot see me laughing and finally I get 5 minutes out of an hour nap. Nickolas is quite the handsome young pup and so good. Unfortunately he has started trying to eat the kittens. I his attempt to replicate the play between himself and the big dogs he tries to play with the kittens and ends up with their head in his mouth..the kittens protect them selves when not amused but I am on a constant watch for this lion tamer act of his and hope he outgrows it soon.

Spring is in the air which means finishing the house painting will start. I lost so much time last spring with my knee injury...more gingerbread trim is on the way, a carpenter/roofer has been procured to repair the missing soffet of the barn and perhaps paint the tin roof, ride on lawn mowers are being viewed and the guest room revamp will get under way. I am tired thinking about it all....

I will leave you with that, add pics in the morning and wish you all a wonderful spring.

Hi Mom.

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Lorraine said...

Cheryl- You are amazing. Mwah!