Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day

Day 3...hmmmm........not sure what was accomplished or remains to be accomplished. The fella came by inquiring as to what color gutter we wanted for the barn. DH though silver to go with the tin roof which will be quite silver after it is repainted, I said brown to go with the barn trim after it is painted, turns out white or an added cost so why come by then? Confusing.......
St Patrick's Day...the day I miss my Dad the most. He used to talk in a Irish accent(I was told by someone from Dublin, that to say brough is an insult, a brough is a shoe and it translates to meaning you are talking with a shoe in my mouth), dye our food green and be silly. It was not the norm for Dad to be silly but somehow it was allowed on this day. Happy St Patty's , Dad.
Ireland, the Emerald Isle, such a beautiful place. I have been fortunate enough to be there twice in the past 4 years and would so love to go again. DH keeps mentioning it but it is so hard to travel with the animals....we would like to live there but putting the pups in quarantine for 6 months is so unappealing....they would love it. Ireland not the quarantine.
I am running out for wedding errand and will be back later to finish this.

OK I am back and no luck. I did pick up the new Vogue knitting though, lol. Puppies were walked, poor Ollie's eye is yucky from the ointment. Annabel had a bath and was not pleased. I completed the first sleeve of the shrug and cast on for the second. Dropcloths are bought and going down and primer has been purchased. I see much guest room work happening tomorrow. Hoping to get up to go to the gym again...

Sorry, somewhat boring post, I will try harder tomorrow.

Oh I did receive some green yarn for a stealth project :)

Happy St Pat's Mom.

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Lorraine said...

Cheryl- I love St. Patrick's day. Any excuse for a party.