Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday and Friday....where did the week go?

The Dizzy Deal on Thursday was Berroco Vintage, I adored using it for the striped baby set and got some for the next baby was a terrific price and was meant to be as the colors I wanted were still available.
I don't seem to have posted a pic of the Shimmer shrug being made for FDIL, here it is

The Bride to be was shown the first completed sleeve and it was a hit! We went out last night in search of a fabric. She fell in love with a particular brocade to be used for attendants stoles and it was elusive in our search to get more. At long last we were able to obtain enough yardage for the intended garments and figure out the logistics. It will be a beautiful spring wedding. I so hope the weather cooperates and they are able to get married outdoors. So I will wear either dark kelly green or maybe a bronzey color. Haven't decided yet. Either would go well with the party colors. Have to continue with the weight loss and getting fit. Have only lost 5 pounds but it is a start...perhaps I should put one of those tickers across the the top of blog page for accountability.
My engagement ring lost an accent diamond a few weeks back and DH took it to the jeweler's for repair. They are replacing two diamonds, shining u the aquamarine and replating the white gold. Due to the tension setting the white gold was apparently plated in rhodium. I found this info on rhodium to explain why some rings are plated in it
"Rhodium is a metal ten times as costly as gold. It is not a feasible material to make solid jewelry from because it is too stressed and brittle, but rhodium is fabulous as a plating for jewelry because it is glitteringly, dazzlingly, white and mirror-like. It makes diamonds look bigger and better because it's so bright that it's almost hard to see where the stones end and the metal begins. Nothing sets off diamonds like rhodium plating does, but it is only a plating and therefore it will wear off and require replating."
So I will have my ring back Monday and am quite excited to see it after its spa treatment. I have had it 9 years and will have to remember to have it replated every 5 years or so for now on.
I do have some better pics of the Oak Timberworm Bugga from Sanguine Gryphon

I interspersed the skeins , some are green/rust the others are more gray /maroon...but I will figure it out, there may actually be 4 more skeins somewhere.
I have obscene amounts of these yarns from Elann
26 skeins of this dark denim yarn (it fades ike denim when it is washed)
42 of the light denim
and 50 of this Aran yarn. It is for a stealth project that I will show in dribs and drabs from time to time but cannot unveil for about a year. ;)
Elann is an interesting place. if you can wait for a new yarn to calm down in popularity it will usually show up there. And at a greatly discounted price, the Aran was 1.98 USD a skein!!! Such a bargain. It is thrilling to know these 128 skeins will be made into three objects.

That is it for now. Except here are some pics of Nickolas and Phineas. Nickolas is not 5 months old and ready to lose his puppy face. Phineas adores DH as is evident....

Hi Mom...I think spring is here......

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Lorraine said...

Cheryl- Sounds like lovely colors for a wedding.

Sanguine Gryphon is yarn pron of the highest order.

All the pups look happy.