Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 2

DS2 was up bright and early to go too the gym, the puppies were restless so I will go later. I don't sleep very well, especially when DH is at work(he also works overnight)...as I am always half asleep listening for the animals. I admire DS for actually getting up so early on his own.

Today's goals are gathering up all the SG Bugga and getting into a container, spend an hour in the office sorting yarn(the kitties have been in there and destroyed organization), get the guest room floor drop clothes and taped off, maybe spray the walls to get some of the paper stripped. I should go food shopping and maybe get into the yard and scoop some poop. We have a carpenter coming to work on the barn soffet, supposedly today which doesn't make me happy to have him come when DH is not here but.

OK I will return to this later and document what actually got done. Right now I want coffee....

So most of my plans were curtailed. Most but not all. I took all three pups out for a walk, it had been a few days due to the weather. The three of them outweigh me and I carry all three leads in my left hand. 1.5 years ago when I fell with a ladder and hurt my right shoulder, I really lost some strength in my right hand and just grew accustomed to holding two leads at the time in my left. We always pass so many homes with dogs and they all bark frantically as if saying aloud "Why do THEY get to go out for a walk while I am tied to this tree?". My answer? Obviously I love my dogs more, heehee. So today being the first nice day the pups were outside a lot and it was nice to see (Oops I was gone for a moment, Nickolas needed to go out.)Phineas enjoying the sun.

I had noticed yesterday Oliver's eye was a little swollen and the conjunctiva protruded a bit(the fleshy pink part)...both guys in the house couldn't see it so I waited. Today it was positively swollen and protruding sporadically. So that is why my plans got curtailed. I called the vet and they wanted him in right away. So off we went. They tested for abrasions, dry eye, glaucoma and foreign bodies. All were fine, his teeth were good, a bit tarter(and I brush them), his ears were good, his temp normal and his lymph nodes fine. So we are treating with a steroid ointment and rechecking in two days. I take care of the animals, I take REALLY good care and on the paper she marks, without saying anything, nails need trimming, teeth need brushing and his skin has issues. ??????? I trimmed all nails last week and again this morning and brushed his teeth right before going. They are done 2-3 times a week. I don't get it....I KNOW not everyone takes care of their animals the way I do.....yet I get silently scolded.....I don't care for this vet , she is a cat person and the dogs always seem to be a bother. There are three vets and since he was seen urgently....ah well.....
I received some interesting mail today

They are so cute...the dogs hate boxes.

This is a view of the side of the barn from my beautiful deck.

This spring/summer it will be painted the appropriate barn red with brown trim. The far right corner is what needs repairing.

The old truck was on the side front lawn since DS2 totalled it. MANY people have inquired after it. One man, came to the door, rather than leaving notes in the mailbox or under the boots on the porch. He is a contractor and wanted the truck. So he and DH bartered and we are having the soffet redone and a new 40 foot gutter made for the length of the side for a discounted rate plus the truck. Such a deal. However the truck is gone and I am shocked DH never got anything in writing. But the reason he is not concerned is A) the rain has been bad and B) we have his ladders here being held hostage, haahahaha Actually he is coming tomorrow.

Speaking of trucks, this is the replacement truck. Seats 5-6 adults, plenty of room, so it is great for the pups, The back seat folds down and they all have room to walk around.

Til tomorrow. Don't forget to wear green tomorrow.

Hi Mom.

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