Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

Birthdays, mine, as a whole, are not very important to me. But, it seems the older I get the more important they do become. I have always tried to make the boys' birthdays special, celebrate on their day, do and eat what they want. I think I pretty much succeeded in that right. Today is my birthday, my sons are grown and live away and work. DS1 and his fiancee came down last night and along with DS2 and DH celebrated. Cupcakes and cake, gifts of knitting books, reading books and dog books along with jewelry were gifted and gratefully accepted. DS2 had to leave for work, DS1 and fiancee and I ate Thai food and talked while DH went to bed as he needed to return to work. All in all a grand celebration. I am always thrilled to spend time with my gang. Thanks guys.
Today is my birthday and the intention was to be in Vancouver at the Olympics, I would have watched the curling in person and attended the skating exhibitions. But it was not meant to be. SO I am at home, having taken the night off from work, and DS2 and his fiancee worked, but they called and emailed wishes of birthday greetings and DS1 had class and is at work but has Happy Birthdayed several times. DH came home from work and watched some curling with me and now is asleep having worked last night.
Sometimes .life just gets in the way of a birthday.

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Lorraine said...

Cheryl- Did I miss a post? I think every day, we should celebrate in some small way.

Why not?