Thursday, March 06, 2008

Stupid Blogger Won't Let me Add Pics....

But I kept on trying

Long Overdue Where is the time going? I just don't know...I used to have just enough but now I am so short on time I must be wasting it. I can't imagine how or where as things are still in need of doing but the time is gone...I am going to try and keep a better eye on it this week and see if I can catch it before it goes away.

OKMermaid and Foxie are missing, I am not sure if they skipped out on me or are still amongst the last few things to come from the old place or are here but are disguised as something else. I have been pretty careful to put things in the rooms where they shall live but yet those two seem to be wandering around just a few steps ahead of me and I have yet to spy them. I am longing, yes you read correctly, longing to finish Foxie. I want to start another Dale but will not until Foxie is all done and neatly placed away. Mermaid is another story...she misbehaves all the time and tries to frustrate me by twisting the needle cable but I keep outsmarting her. Up til now that is....I must find her before spring or I will never locate her greenness amongst all the trees we now have.
yes my gifted tree branch is still languishing on top of the crushed fence in my yard. I don't seem to be able to get any word from the neighbors as to when it will be leaving my view as I sit at the kitchen table. But as with the missing knitting, I will keep trying..UPDATE: as I sit the tree is coming down and what I thought to be our crushed fence is actually much neighborly type things I have to learn about....the whole house just shook again as a very large limb was cut from the tree....YIKES!!

I received my
Sock It To Me Twice socks.

My pal from this swap has been most kind and endearing. She sent along beautiful yarns and cards just when they were most needed. She has made me beautiful socks and sent a lovely initial candle, notepad, a darling snail bell, Lindt chocolates but alas i know not who she is....oh please dear Pal reveal yourself so I may properly sing out your accolades. UPDATE: It is Amy!!!! Thank you Amy!!!
My Pal's box has gone out, I have made another pair of Vog On...I love Vog On and will make them again and again. These are before blocking...
Here be my
Daina mittens for No More Humdrum Mittens Swap 2...This is such a cool pattern. Amazingly quick and the pattern is an easy one to memorize. These will leave me next week.

Harry Potter
Will the thrill never end? I am working on my pal's socks for yet another Harry potter Sock Swap, she is a Gryffindor, I seem to always knit for Gryffindor's, LOL.

Loopy Ewe Spring Fling Swap
I have the most interesting partner in this swap. She calls herself Goatlady and has so many animals!! She tires me out just reading what goes on in the course of a day at her place. I cannot wait to meet her at the spring fling...I can't show anything here that I will be sending though, heehee

New Swap,
Punk Rock Gift ExchangeNot new just a new edition. I LOVE this swap, sign ups are still open so hurry on over...

Big Bag KAL and SwapWhat a great idea.....we all knit the same bag and then send that bag with goodies to a pal. So we all GET the same bag just different than what we
Last week was a little stress filled week. Tuesday, at DS2's college, they started finding death threats, or graffiti as they chose to call it. Several different locations were involved, one being the building DS1GF works in. Classes were to be held and police were present in force. I picked DS2 up from his dorm, brought him back again. He ended up not attending any classes, the school was thankfully quiet. I am not sure how I feel about the whole situation. Threats were made directed at the President of the school and while I understand not succumbing to the foolishness of people making the threats, sometimes a threat is not a threat. To parade around the campus with extra security while the students were to go to class as usual was a little outrageous. Make a statement, sit in your office, apparently prancing around the campus is not the norm so why make that day any different by mingling? It is very sad when you have to worry about your children being truly in the line of danger while they attend college. This is a very quaint old New England locale. There was the attitude of things like that never happen here never hurts to be safe. Had anything happened we would surely have been sorry.

Not too much new on the house. Counter top in...with back splash up. Neato...I LOVE it!!

From Cosmic Fibers we have lace weight yarn

A lovely dk weight whose color I could not resist

And the final installment of Harry Potter Cover Yarns Sock Club, Also from the lovely dharmafey
From Lotus Fibers-Hydroponic--delightful

And from Loopy Ewe we have Dream in Color Classy in Spring Tickle

NummaNummaBoo in Monkey Mix and

Olive Oil with Peppercorns

Chameleon ColorworksPistachio


Apple Laine in Godiva

OK now officially on a yarn diet until the Spring Fling and after that for some time....

Sad DH's uncle passed was a long and courageous I will be off the computer more than on for a few days....

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bev said...

Kinda like the new look! Also, the house! OMG! The house. It is beautiful and just what I pictured when you first posted about it. Living in today's world is so frightening. Threats, any threats, must be taken seriously. I a so sorry for your stress with the college situation.