Monday, March 17, 2008

He Will Be Home Soon

My DN is coming home from his second tour in Iraq very soon. It doesn't need to be said how proud we are of him and how frightened we have all been for him. My DB, his father, asked that we email him with greetings of welcome to present upon his return. I was trying to think of what I wanted to say and finally came up with this. This is for my nephew, a Marine.
I have wondered oft ,
During the course of my life
About people and war
About living through strife
About the people who help
Be they real or pretend
I wondered what I would say
To the Green Hornet or to Superman
How fast can you fly,
How far can you throw
When someone is in need of help
Just how do you know.
What time do you wake,
How much do you sleep
Just what kind of hours
Does a Superhero keep.
Does your cape ever need cleaning
Do your gloves become torn
When you run, it is so fast
Do your shoes ever get worn.
Is it difficult to carry
The people you help out
If I need you do I call
Or do I just give a shout
These things I have wandered
For many a year
What would I say to a superhero
If he would sit and be near
Then I stopped thinking so hard
It was so clear to me
What I would say to a superhero
Is Welcome Home Gregory


PJ said... thoughts are with you guys!

Rebecca said...

How wonderful that he is coming home!

I just finished THE KITE RUNNER and it sure made me proud of our men and women who are attempting to help over there!

Welcome back to Monkey Sock Swap FOUR!

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely gift for your nephew! I am so glad he is coming home!

I am your upstream pal from teh HSS3. Didn't want you to think I'd forgotten you...check your Petunia Butterbeer email.

Elizabeth Stewart Moody