Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mittens, Spring Fling, Puppy and Life

OK, I am so out of whack, we have been tending to Oliver in shifts almost. We brought him home Saturday. He was the perfect gentlepup on the ride. He had been shaking and DS2 calmed him down and covered him up. When we arrived home and took him out of the car, he promptly jumped back in...oh dear. He was wonderful until around midnight and started with a cough(I thought for attention so sent DS to my room to sleep) but it got worse and he started vomiting. We took him to the vet earlier than planned and he has a touch of kennel cough. After a day of antibitotics and cough suppressant he is an amazingly adorable pup. Minimal accidents, he has staked claim to his crate and lets us know in plenty of time when he needs to go outside. He is a puppy and a little nippy but seems to be willing to be trained and directed.

He was monster puppy compared to the other 7 pounders and he clomps in at 20, he is now 22+, lordy what have I got myself into?
I received a Mitten package from No More Humdrum Mittens Round 1. AN Angel named Krista sent some exquisite Aranish mittens, Happy Feet Yarn, a neat pattern, Soak and some other items. My partner flaked out, although she claims to have knit the mittens and was preparing to send them. Anywho, having been the angel in a few other swaps I truly appreciate the time and kindness of Krista.

GoatLady(Harmiarit ?sp), my pal in the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling Swap sent a delightful package with a magnificent project bag, Chibi, Chocolates, notepads, bunny, balm(smells good enough to eat),Addis in the shorter size for my glove knitting(yea!!)...there may be one or two more items but I am doing this from memory, LOL. GL is a wonderfully kind lady who has a lot of animals and is a dog trainer, lucky me. She has already been so kind in answering my questions and offering advice. The SF is 5 weeks away and I feel I will be going to meet a new friend.
I am making another pair of Tiffany mittens for the Latvian KAL ....I loved the first ones I made and passed along so was pleased to make another pair. The yarn is from my stash, too. Next we will make the Sea Mineral Mittens and have think I have stash yarn I want to use for them.

The new LE Sock Club sock caught my eye right away and I have CO for that. I adore CTH yarn and that was the yarn sent with the wonderful pattern. I finally wound a ball of the DIC for my Rogue for the DIC Kal on the LE thread as well. Sheri is an amazing woman and keeps us busy all the while finding grand yarns for our perusal and purchase. I can't wait for the trip to Loopy Central as part of the SF.
I have spied Foxie so will be returning to finish him up, a little each day, Maybe when he is done, Mermaid will see it is not a painful thing to be complete and will show herself.
I sent theDaina mittens out to my pal for the No More Humdrums Part 2. This was also an easy to do pattern with row changes very easy to memorize. It is another pattern I will make again.

I hope all are well, looking forward to spring and get all the yarn you desire.

Oh, LE had offered Wollmeise for about 7 minutes last week. I missed it again, I managed a skein months ago, but the repercussion poor Sheri gets because it sells so quickly is mind boggling. It is yarn, lovely yarn, but yarn. It won't bring world peace or feed the hungry. it is yarn. Sheri does her very best to always provide the best in customer care and it amazes me that people can get so bent out of shape over not getting a yarn. OK, down from the box now.

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