Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Brief Interlude

OK, whilst I get my knitting updates in order I will give a puppy update. We have owned the monster for 12 days and he has gained nearly 6 pounds!! He is adorable, good, loving, a quick learner and here to stay.

Also, thanks for you kind comments about the return of my DN from Iraq. He is spending much deserved time with his DF,DM and DB. I am hoping he will come visit the new house soon.
I have ordered the dining room wallpaper so will be updating within the next few weeks, then on to the bedroom, then living room. then to build the deck...woot!!!


Rebecca said...

Six pounds in 12 days???? My teacup poodle who is eleven years old only weighs six pounds.

Your pooch is a cutie though!

Lorraine said...

Cheryl- My first Lab was black. His name was Jasper, and he was such a goof.

Enjoy the puppiness!