Monday, March 10, 2008

Another Promise Kept

All during the young years of the boys' lives I was asked, as all mothers are, Can we get a dog? Now the boys went to private schools since the age of three, full time 5 day a week academic schools. Their preschools cost nearly as much as their high schools.(I had no choice they were smarter than me having started reading at a high school level before the age of three) So, not wanting to end up with a slew of loans we faithfully paid their tuitions and school costs which didn't leave much in the way of funding for a house. Generally we lived in apartments owed by family so our costs were pretty reasonable. OK fast forward to the whirlwind of activity a mere three months ago when things just fell into place for us buying our first home. DS1, 23, out in the work world for a year having received his Masters at the ripe old age of 22 and DS2 finishing his first year of college at barely 18. So they have a house they can make noise in and play drums in and run up and down the stairs endlessly if they so choose. So what came back to the forefront? Can we have a dog? Of course you can, then with a twinkle in the collective eyes of the men in my life, it was pointed out we have a house AND a barn AND almost 1.5 acres of land....OK OK I answer, we can TWO dogs.....DS1 wants a bull dog, how cute and DS2 a lab, a chocolate one at first then we perused the kennel site again and just ready for sale was this dear little guy.

Now I called and we couldn't get out to the kennel for 9 days so had to wait two days before we could leave a deposit. Day one goes by and the female chocolate lab is gone, oh no! After completing a 12 hour shift at work I called the minute the kennel opened and was told the black pup was still there but they would call me back, they had customers....egads!!!! I couldn't wait , 45 minutes passed and I called and placed the deposit. It was meant to be, later that day the older chocolate male pup was also gone and all that remained was an older male yellow pup. So now, I have taken Saturday night off from work and we are going to get Oliver this Saturday. The kennel recommended waiting a few months until we get the bulldog, they always have pups.DS2 starts spring break Friday so it will be good timing. DH has had dogs, the boys and I have now I live on a farm, have a barn, and will soon have two pups. In the trees way back on our land live 20 white tailed deer, 30 wild turkeys and two hawks, I also saw a bunch of red blobs blowing about in the backyard yesterday which turned out to be more than a dozen robins!! Me, whose life long dream was to live on the 50th floor of a high rise in downtown Boston!! You just never know. Oliver(named by his new owner DS2 ) was born December 28, he is presently 10 weeks old and 14 pounds. OK the beans have ground and the coffee is brewing, I have a crate to build, some minor kitchen painting to finish and then must sadly prepare for a wake and a funeral.


Lorraine said...

Michelle- Labs are love machines- congratulations on your black baby.

Lorraine said...

Did I call you Michelle?

Sorry Cheryl!

Anonymous said...

He is so adorable - enjoy him :-)