Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back to Work

OK, not as much done as I wanted, but isn't that always the way. The vacation started with rain and now it is raining again. Hopefully all this rain will make the grass grow tall and green...Yep I said tall. We are now the proud owners of a ride-on tractor/mower...It will zip through the acreage and I am planning on purchasing a spreader to attach that will drop grass seed as it mows.....neat huh? Best part? It has a cup holder.....haha

All this rain is making the pups stir crazy....I did take them out for a walk yesterday in the drizzle and they were so happy but I worry about walking Phineas in the dampness with his bad joints, he also hates puddles and walks way out of his way to avoid them...easy if it is just him but since he is usually tangled up with the two other pups...

I had an aha moment. I am making the wedding shrug and decided I would make another in the wedding colors for FDIL to wear any old time so why not make a sleeve from each at the same time...just like two socks on two circs I am doing two sleeves on two circs....I love both......

I believe I have decided what color I shall wear for the wedding. I think blue, deep blue, navy or sapphireish...

Be back after feeding the kittens...they are meowing to beat the band and are overdue for breakfaast. Later.........

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's All Over

Tonight officially ends my vacation, when it is over :( We spent quite a bit of time today researching ride on tractor/mowers. DH wanted a Husqvarna and I was not happy to spend the bucks so every time I typed Husqvarna into Home Depot it came up Arien which is apparently the USA of Husqvarna. SO we got a great mower for a few dollars less because it was made in USA....go figure...we took the three dogs with us and they were so great in the truck. They all had to get out to do their thing at one point but they were so good.
I am tired....wanted so much to have the guest room done this week but I am only human. I will post pics tomorrow night of what is done though.

That is it for today...the first day of spring!!! Surely now it will snow since we have a new ride-on....

A shout out to Mom!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday and Friday....where did the week go?

The Dizzy Deal on Thursday was Berroco Vintage, I adored using it for the striped baby set and got some for the next baby set....it was a terrific price and was meant to be as the colors I wanted were still available.
I don't seem to have posted a pic of the Shimmer shrug being made for FDIL, here it is

The Bride to be was shown the first completed sleeve and it was a hit! We went out last night in search of a fabric. She fell in love with a particular brocade to be used for attendants stoles and it was elusive in our search to get more. At long last we were able to obtain enough yardage for the intended garments and figure out the logistics. It will be a beautiful spring wedding. I so hope the weather cooperates and they are able to get married outdoors. So I will wear either dark kelly green or maybe a bronzey color. Haven't decided yet. Either would go well with the party colors. Have to continue with the weight loss and getting fit. Have only lost 5 pounds but it is a start...perhaps I should put one of those tickers across the the top of blog page for accountability.
My engagement ring lost an accent diamond a few weeks back and DH took it to the jeweler's for repair. They are replacing two diamonds, shining u the aquamarine and replating the white gold. Due to the tension setting the white gold was apparently plated in rhodium. I found this info on rhodium to explain why some rings are plated in it
"Rhodium is a metal ten times as costly as gold. It is not a feasible material to make solid jewelry from because it is too stressed and brittle, but rhodium is fabulous as a plating for jewelry because it is glitteringly, dazzlingly, white and mirror-like. It makes diamonds look bigger and better because it's so bright that it's almost hard to see where the stones end and the metal begins. Nothing sets off diamonds like rhodium plating does, but it is only a plating and therefore it will wear off and require replating."
So I will have my ring back Monday and am quite excited to see it after its spa treatment. I have had it 9 years and will have to remember to have it replated every 5 years or so for now on.
I do have some better pics of the Oak Timberworm Bugga from Sanguine Gryphon

I interspersed the skeins , some are green/rust the others are more gray /maroon...but I will figure it out, there may actually be 4 more skeins somewhere.
I have obscene amounts of these yarns from Elann
26 skeins of this dark denim yarn (it fades ike denim when it is washed)
42 of the light denim
and 50 of this Aran yarn. It is for a stealth project that I will show in dribs and drabs from time to time but cannot unveil for about a year. ;)
Elann is an interesting place. if you can wait for a new yarn to calm down in popularity it will usually show up there. And at a greatly discounted price, the Aran was 1.98 USD a skein!!! Such a bargain. It is thrilling to know these 128 skeins will be made into three objects.

That is it for now. Except here are some pics of Nickolas and Phineas. Nickolas is not 5 months old and ready to lose his puppy face. Phineas adores DH as is evident....

Hi Mom...I think spring is here......

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day

Day 3...hmmmm........not sure what was accomplished or remains to be accomplished. The fella came by inquiring as to what color gutter we wanted for the barn. DH though silver to go with the tin roof which will be quite silver after it is repainted, I said brown to go with the barn trim after it is painted, turns out white or an added cost so why come by then? Confusing.......
St Patrick's Day...the day I miss my Dad the most. He used to talk in a Irish accent(I was told by someone from Dublin, that to say brough is an insult, a brough is a shoe and it translates to meaning you are talking with a shoe in my mouth), dye our food green and be silly. It was not the norm for Dad to be silly but somehow it was allowed on this day. Happy St Patty's , Dad.
Ireland, the Emerald Isle, such a beautiful place. I have been fortunate enough to be there twice in the past 4 years and would so love to go again. DH keeps mentioning it but it is so hard to travel with the animals....we would like to live there but putting the pups in quarantine for 6 months is so unappealing....they would love it. Ireland not the quarantine.
I am running out for wedding errand and will be back later to finish this.

OK I am back and no luck. I did pick up the new Vogue knitting though, lol. Puppies were walked, poor Ollie's eye is yucky from the ointment. Annabel had a bath and was not pleased. I completed the first sleeve of the shrug and cast on for the second. Dropcloths are bought and going down and primer has been purchased. I see much guest room work happening tomorrow. Hoping to get up to go to the gym again...

Sorry, somewhat boring post, I will try harder tomorrow.

Oh I did receive some green yarn for a stealth project :)

Happy St Pat's Mom.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 2

DS2 was up bright and early to go too the gym, the puppies were restless so I will go later. I don't sleep very well, especially when DH is at work(he also works overnight)...as I am always half asleep listening for the animals. I admire DS for actually getting up so early on his own.

Today's goals are gathering up all the SG Bugga and getting into a container, spend an hour in the office sorting yarn(the kitties have been in there and destroyed organization), get the guest room floor drop clothes and taped off, maybe spray the walls to get some of the paper stripped. I should go food shopping and maybe get into the yard and scoop some poop. We have a carpenter coming to work on the barn soffet, supposedly today which doesn't make me happy to have him come when DH is not here but.

OK I will return to this later and document what actually got done. Right now I want coffee....

So most of my plans were curtailed. Most but not all. I took all three pups out for a walk, it had been a few days due to the weather. The three of them outweigh me and I carry all three leads in my left hand. 1.5 years ago when I fell with a ladder and hurt my right shoulder, I really lost some strength in my right hand and just grew accustomed to holding two leads at the time in my left. We always pass so many homes with dogs and they all bark frantically as if saying aloud "Why do THEY get to go out for a walk while I am tied to this tree?". My answer? Obviously I love my dogs more, heehee. So today being the first nice day the pups were outside a lot and it was nice to see (Oops I was gone for a moment, Nickolas needed to go out.)Phineas enjoying the sun.

I had noticed yesterday Oliver's eye was a little swollen and the conjunctiva protruded a bit(the fleshy pink part)...both guys in the house couldn't see it so I waited. Today it was positively swollen and protruding sporadically. So that is why my plans got curtailed. I called the vet and they wanted him in right away. So off we went. They tested for abrasions, dry eye, glaucoma and foreign bodies. All were fine, his teeth were good, a bit tarter(and I brush them), his ears were good, his temp normal and his lymph nodes fine. So we are treating with a steroid ointment and rechecking in two days. I take care of the animals, I take REALLY good care and on the paper she marks, without saying anything, nails need trimming, teeth need brushing and his skin has issues. ??????? I trimmed all nails last week and again this morning and brushed his teeth right before going. They are done 2-3 times a week. I don't get it....I KNOW not everyone takes care of their animals the way I do.....yet I get silently scolded.....I don't care for this vet , she is a cat person and the dogs always seem to be a bother. There are three vets and since he was seen urgently....ah well.....
I received some interesting mail today

They are so cute...the dogs hate boxes.

This is a view of the side of the barn from my beautiful deck.

This spring/summer it will be painted the appropriate barn red with brown trim. The far right corner is what needs repairing.

The old truck was on the side front lawn since DS2 totalled it. MANY people have inquired after it. One man, came to the door, rather than leaving notes in the mailbox or under the boots on the porch. He is a contractor and wanted the truck. So he and DH bartered and we are having the soffet redone and a new 40 foot gutter made for the length of the side for a discounted rate plus the truck. Such a deal. However the truck is gone and I am shocked DH never got anything in writing. But the reason he is not concerned is A) the rain has been bad and B) we have his ladders here being held hostage, haahahaha Actually he is coming tomorrow.

Speaking of trucks, this is the replacement truck. Seats 5-6 adults, plenty of room, so it is great for the pups, The back seat folds down and they all have room to walk around.

Til tomorrow. Don't forget to wear green tomorrow.

Hi Mom.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Toto we're not in Kansas anymore.....

I have started my week vacation with plans of grandeur. I think I may share it with you on a daily basis. So, dear reader, be forewarned.

It has been a rainy three days here and while at work on Saturday overnight DS2 called at an odd hour to say he heard a large crack and then boom and went outside to find one of our front trees had given up one of its branches.
It landed precariously in the driveway and extended into the road so he went out in the monsoon and moved it only to hear another crack and be felled by a second branch.
He is claiming to be fine but does have some swelling where his shoulder and the branch made contact. He called to let me know what had happened and to make the proclamation that "This is like living in Oz with the mean trees"

SO my parental advice was to not pick any apples....

Mt initial plans were to visit the gym each day of vacation but day has come and gone and it has not happened but there is tomorrow. Today has been filled with cleaning and will end with painting and wall paper stripping and picture taking of yarn and animals and WIPs.

So thus far laundry has been done, the bed has clean linens, a bit of cleaning in the master bedroom,dining room, and living room. Some knitting has happened as well.

I had offered to knit a shrug for my future DIL for the upcoming wedding and had gone through a half dozen combinations of yarn and beads to finally settle on this yarn from Elann

It is 55%viscose and 45%cotton and has the right drape and shimmer along with some triangular glass beads.
One of the issues was this is a DK weight yarn and the hooks to get the bead onto the stitch were shredding the yarn. So after breaking several steel hooks it was more cost effective to invest in this lovely item....
A size 9 hook fits quite lovely through the beads...

I like the effect very much. FDIL is not seen in bling but I think she should look like a princess on her wedding day. Especially appropriate since DS1 proposed at Disney World and they celebrated that evening by dining in Cinderella's Castle. It is all very exciting and as mother of the groom I am so grateful I am being included in everything.

Lake Louise will be knit on for a few hours each day so she can near completion and I can check her off my list.

I finished and gifted this baby set to my newest SIL who is due in a few weeks. There is a pale yellow in there that is not showing well.
There was meant to be a blanket and booties but time ran out.
For Lorrainehere is a picture of the first baby set gifted to my eldest niece who is due at the same
She also received the ABC blanket that each baby will be gifted with.
I have been lucky enough to add to both my Sanguine Gryphon stash and my WOllmeise stash. Both yarns are gorgeous and have unique qualities. I had been on a Wollmeise frenzy last spring and then realized I have so much more than I can use, then Claudia produced new colors, EVERY WEEK!!!!! It is so hard to resist but I have for weeks and then bought these for my birthday month.

I was lusting after her pink so had to grab some. I had been lucky enough to acquire some Oak Timberwork Bugga last year and needed a few more skeins to make it sweater quantity (plus,lol) and these are the new.

They are different than last year's but such is the lot of hand dyed yarn.

Today is 2 years since we got our first dog, Oliver.
He has been a joy and is the sole reason we now have two other dogs and two kittens. I have to say it is one of the wisest decisions I have ever made. He loves us unconditionally, tolerates the cats, roams shoulder to shoulder about the property with Phineas and is a playmate and mentor to Nickolas. It makes me sad to think of a time when he will not be here, and I try not to dwell. We don't travel much now and always have to be home in a certain number of hours to let the dogs out but it is a sacrifice well worth it.

Speaking of Prince Nickolas, here he is...he was about 15 pounds when we got him Jan 9 and ow is 34 pounds. That may be half his adult weight already!!! he is a great puppy....he does have a love for my shoes though and generally they end up in one of the dog beds...
He has had to learn tolerance as the kittens frequently decide his crate is THE place to nap....

While Artemus snoozes in the crate Annabel frequently snoozes with Phineas...
Or the kittens end up together in a dog bed. They will be a year old at the end of the month. Annabel has taken to claiming me to be a cat. I will be napping and she jumps up to observe me, loudly purring and then reaches out and taps me. Once I let her know I am awake she proceeds to rub her face all over my face. Apparently quite a high form of respect, love and trust. Personally I wish she would love me just a little less.
Nickolas finds them interesting and tries to play with them but hasn't figured out they are not puppies so they run from the rough housing.
I think that is enough for day one of vacation. Tomorrow there will be pics of home improvements and talk of Olympic sweaters.

Til tomorrow

Hi Mom....

Sunday, March 07, 2010

No More Knitting

Caught your attention didn't I? Not for a few weeks, I have been spending so much time knitting and working things around the house are neglected. We are planning to rip out the upstairs bath and need to do it this month. I am hoping it is only a two week project but ....

So as usual I am typing this from my per diem job. I will insert pics tomorrow unless I can retrieve them from here.
The second baby set has been gifted. It is for a boy so not the beautiful Peace set I knit for the girl baby. This set was planned to have pants and booties as well, but time eluded me, the yarn for the blanket was back ordered and came too late to complete that as well. But complete it I will. I love the colors of brown, yellow and blue together and apparently my SIL did as well when she opened the gift at her baby shower. That is a good thing.

My Olympic sweaters are still very nearby...and will be completed next. I have Louise with me here at work and will do a few rows as time allows. Lillehammer, ahhh, I want to sit and just knit on that til it is completed but am trying to be more productive than impulsive.

the loverlies in the Knit A Norwegian group on Ravelry made so many beautiful sweaters. very impressive. I have also obtained the yarn for melbu and the yarn for Gjende is back ordered but will arrive soon.

My puppies and kitties are cuter than ever and steal my time away. The girlie kitty has taken to napping with me. She gets right up to my face nose to nose and purrs so loudly I have to laugh and then she knows I am not sleeping and the cuddling starts. We go round and round til finally I have to cover my face so she cannot see me laughing and finally I get 5 minutes out of an hour nap. Nickolas is quite the handsome young pup and so good. Unfortunately he has started trying to eat the kittens. I his attempt to replicate the play between himself and the big dogs he tries to play with the kittens and ends up with their head in his mouth..the kittens protect them selves when not amused but I am on a constant watch for this lion tamer act of his and hope he outgrows it soon.

Spring is in the air which means finishing the house painting will start. I lost so much time last spring with my knee injury...more gingerbread trim is on the way, a carpenter/roofer has been procured to repair the missing soffet of the barn and perhaps paint the tin roof, ride on lawn mowers are being viewed and the guest room revamp will get under way. I am tired thinking about it all....

I will leave you with that, add pics in the morning and wish you all a wonderful spring.

Hi Mom.