Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday Musings

OK, our internet was having problems, I have worked 72 hrs since last Saturday, have been very tired(I wonder why) and haven't had a chance to photo and post, but this is the end of that. I am working tonight and tomorrow night but the end is in site, LOL....

We shall start with a pictorial reveal

This is the progress on the Tiffany Mitten for the Mitten Swap
  • .

  • I adore them!! It is a wonderful pattern, the yarn is
    KP Merino Style ......these are going to be a difficult pair to give away.
  • Monkey Socks are magnificent as well.

  • This is yarn from my stash,
    Angora Valley I love the colors...the feel of the yarn is wonderful. These will be going out Monday...another swap done.
    The Fall Felted Bag Exchange bag has been dry for 8-10 days, just waiting for its goodies and then off it goes, Monday as well. The pattern was from KP as well as the yarn Wool of the Andes, it felted beautifully...this is a terrific bag.

    There was an unfortunate accident with my Secret of the Stole and I have restarted, this is halfway through clue 1,,can you see the beads?

    Foxie Sleeves are more time consuming than I thought. This is still the first sleeve and the second sleeve only has the ribbing and the first pattern repeat. The plans were to finish this by Nov 1 as it it then Mermaid Mania, the Mermaid will still begin and the Foxie will keep plugging along.

    I received my box from Hedwig for the Hogwarts Sock Swap. I was a Ravenclaw classmate this go round and Robin knit me up some gorgeous socks!!!I know it is wrong to lust, but I had been lusting over the Horcrux socks since seeing them on Robin's blog. They are magnificent. She is obviously a very advanced knitter. I had mentioned never using Colinette and she sent along a skein and a wonderful pattern. ALSO, THE CAT BORDHI NEW SOCK BOOK!!!WOW!!! I am always so fortunate in the people spoiling me. So will the yarn be used for the pattern sent or a sock from Cat's book? Only time will tell. There was also the sweet little tin of truffles, (I will have to walk some extra miles to work those off, :) )Robin also knit the most adorable book mark in the same yarn as the socks.Oh the yarn from Dharmafey of Cosmic Fibers,I have mentioned may times in the past how much I enjoy Carrie's wonderful yarns. (I actually have the next installment of yarn from the Potter Covers sock Club) She had gone on a trip to England during the swap and sent along a book mark from a castle in the Ravenclaw colors also!! Thank you so much for everything Robin!!

    I have to finish up many swaps and have come to the realization I have to slow down for a bit. I have met many terrific people during the swaps, received many many thoughtful and beautiful items....but my own knitting has taken a back seat. The new year is fast approaching and new knitting strategies will ensue. I have accomplished many FO's this past year...I have enjoyed them all. I have worked scads of extra hours this year and have not enjoyed them all....I am going to work on a plan to strike a better balance there....


    bev said...

    All of your projects are beauteous! At about the same point as you with the sleeves. They seem to take forever! But, with the Mermaid looming just around the bend, it is time to get 'er done!

    Hope your last stretch at work goes well and you get through it.

    VeganCraftastic said...

    Oooh, lot's of pretty projects, I love the color of your stole. I love the mittens too, I need to make a pair of mittens one day.

    Lorraine said...

    Cheryl- (sigh) you have everything that's nice.

    How about a new list? "Things to check out before I check out"?

    Becky said...

    Pretty projects. Your Coffeeswap package is on its way to you - I put it in the mail today.