Sunday, October 14, 2007

As Promised

OK, I am off til Thursday..woohoo..but then :( :::::

So I had two boxes to open and not enough I had been soooo spoiled by Jody for the Sockittome Sock Swap and recently received my things from Carly for the Punk Rock Gift Exchange...but then I have received my Vegan Magic Ball Swap and my Secret Pal 11 October box....I am overwhelmed once more!! I had no idea what a Magic Ball was or why you would wind someone's yarn around goodies and then make them rewind it all and how big was the box going to be after you wound all the yarn around the goodies, and what if you dropped the ball and it started to unravel and.....silly me, you wind some of the yarn around some of the goodies. Whew!! I just finished putting my Vegan Pal Spoilee's box together to mail tomorrow.

So my Vegan Pal Michelle sent along to me

See all the wonderful things!!! There is a Pumpkin cookie I am trying not to open as I know I will be forced to eat it in one sitting, and some Kiss My Face lip balm and hand cream(yummy-the name scares me so though "Jason" Halloween? Hockey mask?)
Rowan Calmer yarn in 2 gorgeous colors(Michelle says because she read my blog and saw I do Fair Isle....awwwwww)some green tea bags(who doesn't love tea?) a lovely pink candle, and a pen(nifty pen that I will have to use at work secretly or someone will try to take it from me)
One of the Rowan colors was the Magic Ball yarn, my what a noisy little ball!!! I was wishing I had a cat to tease with it, heehee.

See how pretty, silk leaves wrapped into it, I would have kept it just like that but curiosity got the better of I asked DH to wind as I unwound, my DH brilliant brilliant man, crafty and craft appreciative doesn't know how to wind a ball of yarn, who knew??!!! Seems I would have brought this up before we married doesn't it? So he unwound as I wound....
Lip balm, a Chibi(Iwas so planning on getting another!!), some really nice buttons and a tin of leaf stitch markers, very autumnal!(they were the noise makers)..they are so pretty, I made my wedding dress and hand beaded and appliqued maple leaves all over, I love leaves!! Everything was so wonderful!! I gush.....Thank you, Michelle.
Could there possibly be more? Could my cup runneth over again? YES!!!
My SP 11 Pal sent a box brimming with thoughtfulness and generosity. Do you ever open a swap box and feel the tears coming and think yourself silly as you don't really know the person? Well that is what the Vegan and SP boxes did to me. It is one thing to open a good box once in a while but to have three or four great boxes in the course of two weeks!!! Makes me think I must be living right!
Back to the box, whilst travelling with DH last month and hitting some LYS in Florida he saw this book by Cat Bordhi and thought I should buy it. No, I don't really need to right now and I have already spent so much on myself and even the LYS ladies were almost challenging me
to,I believe they thought themselves more advanced knitters than I--doesn't matter to me but DH seemed to take a little dislike to I didn't need to purchase it right now. I have found the book seeping into my dream sequences, I had wanted to be an archeologist or an architect, the architecture of sock building, how intriquing. The LYS ladies said you have to start at the beginning and move forward but DH said no, I would start at the end(just to challenge them back I believe). Anywho LOOK!!
Do you see it? Book One...that mean's there will be another!!! It is amazing...I have flipped through it and drooled and gaped and...WOW!! I also received Claudia Yarn in a wonderful autumny colorway,see it??? IT"S MINE! sorry Two, two yes TWO circular needles so I could try knitting socks on two circs, I have oft mentioned wanting to try this method, some truly amazing handmade soap, made by my Pal's is almost edible. And the book Knit Lit which my Pal had received from her SP10 with the caveat she should read and pass along and I have been asked to do the same, how cool. I think they should have signed their names and homestates so people could see where it travelled. My Pal apparantly(oh it is easier to use her words so from my card)

"The first full weekend in October is always very special for me, because that is when my hometown(a very artsy crafty mountain town) has it's annual Fall Festival. I am very sad not to be there this weekend and so in honor of my longing for fall I decided to send you some autumnal yarn along with my mother's soap. She once sold it at the FF......"

Did you just wipe your eyes? It's in honor of my SP11 I will send the Knit Lit book along to the next Pal AND I will find a very large leaf pile to jump into!!!


Rememeber the gloves in the other post that will be in the Holiday Interweave Knits that I HAVE to make, no really, I HAVE to... well...I have been trying to limit yarn spending, actually do well with all the swap yarn coming in, heehee, I searched the yarn on RAVELRY and there was a knitter with 4 balls of red DB baby Cashmerino in her stash willing to be sold to an interested party. Did I tell you I HAVE to knit the gloves in red? No really....guess what I did?

I am not even ashamed!!!
AND the LYS/fabric store where the buttony corduroy came from also had this

What in the world what I do with these two HUMUNGOUS(30% off) skeins of folksy looking wool? I seem to lean toward fingering/sport weight yarns....whatever could it be? THIS

Glorious isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Oh my - those are some tough acts to follow:) I so want to try that new Cat Bordhi book - can't wait to see what you cook up. What wonderful treats - great selections. Your yarn and project choice are also wonderful!

Harvest Sock Pal

Süßstoff said...

Great packages you got there. I really like the colors of all of the yarn you got. So nice!

Lorraine said...

Cheryl- I really want those leaf stitch markers and I covet that autumny yarn.
You know when it's good- you hold it close and say "mine, mine, mine"!

Dorothy said...

What GREAT packages to receive! I'm intrigued by the whole "magic ball of yarn" - I've never heard of such a thing! The stitch markers are beautiful...truly, everything you received shows so much thoughtfulness!

Michelle said...

Hey Cheryl! I'm so glad you liked your vegan pal box, every time I went to the LYS or craft stores I would keep you on my mind, like when I saw those leaf beads I automatically thought of your wedding dress! Anyway, I'm glad my identity's revealed because I could hardly keep my mouth shut and now I can finally add you as a friend on Ravelry. This is definitely my favorite swap I've done, I was about to swear them off but you were such a great downstream pal. Your work is amazing and there was so much information on your blog and ravelry so I felt I could really get to know you. Take care! Michelle

Rebekah said...

wow what lovely things! YOu must be well loved.

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh what great packages, but I especially like those yarn balls! They are so fun and keep you in suspense til its all I had doggie help with one I did :)
That red yarn is gorgeous! Can't wait to see your gloves!