Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I sent out within the last two days,

Hogwarts Sock Swap Box

Vegan Swap Box


I also went for one seemingly final trip to LYS/Fabric store going out of business and the book store and got these

The IWK has the gloves I want to make, the VK Holiday is beautiful with this little detail ,yes it says Starmore and Kagan!!
And the Hamilton book has this beauty
Sorry it is blurry but isn't it neat??
OK must go walk, I started again Monday and have walked Mon, Tues and don't want to miss today...


Anonymous said...

I am so dying to get that new IK holiday issue - there is an amazing hat by brooklyn tweed in there...And the cabled sweater is gorgeous!

Congrats on all of the walking - makes you feel great! Take care!

Harvest pal

bev said...

Can you walk and knit at the same time? If so, make an instructional video. Then, send it may way. Love the sweater and all the books. You have been an inspiration! I go to town on Friday and now know what I need to purchase. LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the VK - I'm infatuated with Starmore lately..

Your Secret Santa