Friday, March 02, 2007

Color Swap 2007 February

I am a day late posting this but...
This was only my second package EVER from a secret swap. Katie was my pal in the COLOR SWAP 2007 for February with a theme of tans and browns. My DS said you have package that smells like cookies...well how could one not tear into such a package!! Inside there was a feast for eyes and belly..
The packages were all wrapped in lovely pink tissue with brown ribbons.(I decided after my first pal delivery I would save the ribbons and use on packages I send out)

When the packages were unwrapped there was lovely Salty and Sweet Turtle Chex Mix, sugar free JELLY BELLY jelly beans!!!Three candlettes scented pound cake and vanilla frosting,hence my DS's comment, they are a delectable way to have birthday cake without the calories, also speaking of calories, there were Russell Stover ultra chic chocolates in the most elegant box...I have dpns that will live in it when the chocolates have been enjoyed....

And then there was a pattern for socks, crazy socks, a choice of either or both, I would love a pair of mismatched socks!!! AND 2 skeins of Koigu KPM...of course the shriek of glee when I saw this caused my DH to come in and see what was going on. I said this is the yarn I look at but never get, too many choices, am I worthy? heehee

I also received a blinking Valentine's pen...makes for interesting conversation as I sit mostly in the dark scanning high profile trauma cases with all these important medical people about and me writing info with my blinking pen..heehee

Katie included a lovely card as well.
Thanks so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness, Katie. Receiving two packages during my birthday month just prolonged the celebration(I must remember this next year, LOL)
I hope your pal was good to you.


Criquette said...

You're so welcome and I am happy to know you love everything and had an extended birthday celebration! Please let me know how the socks knit up!

Lia said...

Sweet package!! I am so glad that you got it!! Isn't it fun and exciting to open the package and find so many goodies that are just perfect?? I know that is how I felt when you sent me my package... "shrieked with glee" yes, life is good! hee hee

Cheryl said...

Yes it is exciting, I find myself fondling the yarn from the two packages I received smiling thinking how someone else got it for me