Monday, March 26, 2007

OK, so the stats;

Started Sat Mar 24 2pm, after no sleep, worked 12 hours overnight, driving time 2 hours, slept some, finished Mon Mar 26-11am. They are covering two KALs, Socktopia for March and they were the KNITOFF socks, and Harry Potter as they are the colors of the Hufflepuff House I was sorted into. The yarn was amazingly soft and silky. I am hoping to make a sweater with the same colorways.

And my official socks for March Socktopis. The themes they are covering is dance Revoltuion(the paper is Twist and Shout) and It Ain't Easy being Green. I tried very hard to match the stripes. The repeat is very long so it was a little tricky but I did it. This yarn is fantastic, Fable from Garnstudio, they have many beautiful colorways...I love it


Em said...

Hello Cheryl! It's Em here, from the HP KAL, and, while I left this comment on one of your HP posts, I thought I'd ask here too- do you want to be a Hufflepuff Prefect? I thought with that bit of Huffle history and info, you've earned your badge! Let me know!
Fast knitting on the socks, by the way. They look fabulous. I'm waiting on yarn to come in to do some Gryff socks and now you've got me all inspired to start!

Rebekah said...

Wow those are some great looking socks!

Lia said...

Hi Cheryl!

Fab socks!! I love the pattern - can you share the source? I've been working on a pair using the Diagonal Rib from IK online, and I'm about ready to start another pair.

Cheryl said...

Hi Lis
the twist and shout socks are an online patter, I googled twist and shout and there it was. The green yarn is from garnstudio, it is fabel.. I willl email you