Monday, March 12, 2007

Learn From My Mistakes!!!

So if you have been over here reading lately you may have seen some of my KALs have been x'd. The whole list rearranged itself as well. I was thinking and thinking and thinking(I hurt my brain) and finally realized I had deleted their photos from Photobucket so the buttons had no reference for pics so they got X'd out. SO I will be recopying buttons to Photobucket and hopefully they will reappear. WHEW!!
I am knitting many hours a day and seem to be making minimal progress so I have decided to finish some of the KALs up and retain a constant of 6-8, seems more manageable. Things are getting done, but with the warmer weather I need several hours a day on the bike and at the gym. Now I can knit socks while on a stationary bike but my actual bikes? I can knit while walking but running? On a treadmill? Is it worth risking my life for a pair of socks? Yes!!! no, Yes, No, yes? NO! maybe
Progress-as usual I will post pics later. But this week:
To toe of socks for the man with the very large feet(Vintage Sox KAL)....I seem to have more Austerman left in the ball than I expected so I will see how far it goes before getting into second ball.
Have finished 1.5 of March sock for Socktopia,we have a live sock challenge the weekend of the 24th, I may take time off from work, it sounds like fun. My March sock was frogged no less than 6 times!!! My MOJO left, ran away scared...but I find it hiding under a pair of old athletic socks asleep. I really love the yarn I used. It is new from Garnstudio.I didn't learn to knit on two circulars this week but I did do my very first short row heel. I didn't like doing it but I do like the look.

Foxie is so heavy, I am still on the body, wanted it done by now, but have also started a sleeve. I must admit I adore working with DPN's, always have. try as I might this circular needle two needle thing takes me longer so DPNs are the way to go.
I didn't make the 45 rounds for the Civil War Shawl as I frogged the entire thing 30 round s or so and began again. I found I had reversed my knitting several times. I am back to rd 40 and hope to make this week's assignment.

Those are the top projects, everything else has some work done but not enough to post or mention.
Oh I am in the midst of a Wizard's hat, perhaps when it is done and I wear it it will put a spell on my needles and every row knitting will produce ten rows finished....
Also I was so excited that the Kilcarra DH gifted me with will work for my Salina. Isn't it pretty? It is as much of a swatch as I care to do since I very rarely swatch.LOL

OK off to find the buttons again and see if I can get pics done, kitchen cleaned, laundry started and knitting area cleaned up. I do that every Monday and by Sunday night it is all gone again.
I will be back


Lia said...

I LOVE that green sock! What pattern is it? I have some Opal that I can use for it ...

sunneshine said...

oh, I wanted to do the civil war shawl, but it was so structured, I wasnt sure if I would be able to keep up... It will be fun watching your take shape!!

Cheryl said...

Hey Lia!!
If you google Twist and Shout it will magically appear. very fast knit once you stop frogging, are you?

Cheryl said...

Hi Sunne
It is a very fun knit, actually fast if it was your only project :)
I think it would be lovely in black

Anonymous said...

Love the green sock! I'm your Monkey Sock Swap partner. I just wanted to touch base with you to say Hi and to let you know that I'm working on your socks and trying to make your box super special. :~)

white oak studio said...

Cheryl, just caught up on your blog. What is the name of the sock pattern that you got from your Feb Color swap partner (2 colors mixed)? Very cool pattern!!

see you on the secret pal 10 blog!!


Carrie K said...

Pretty swatch! Bummer about the Civil War shawl, but it is awfully cool looking.

Nice sock! So cannot look at socks anymore. I want to knit them all.

And no, do not knit and run. No! Don't do it!

Lorraine said...

I have that exact same color in Donegal Tweed- isn't it amazing?

Show us some pics of your Foxy.