Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Here it is 2007, I started my Bejeweled Scarf at midnight, which was difficult as I was at work and slammed. Hopefully this year will bring many finished WIPs as well as several new projects. I have joined many KALs and am looking forward to the camraderie..I will try to blog weekly here and update with progress pictures.
The tradition at this time is to make resolutions, I have a few personal ones,,,but I will take this time to reflect on my good fortunes. I am married to a wonderful man who supports my knitting without hesitation and often redesigns what I have offered to knit, I have two amazing sons who are growing up far too quickly, who knew that the beautiful little boys I could carry on my back while searching for yarn for their latest sweaters just yesterday would so quickly be the men of today ready to graduate college at 22 with a master's degree and a newly turned 17 year old with a college acceptance note sitting top his bookcase? It went so fast yet I swear I can remember every blessed minute. I remember every sweater, I especially remeber first son being upset that second son was wearing a handme down sweater as it was being saved for his children, this comment from a 9 year old already understanding the importance of knitted objects. Things change but not, I used to adore listening to their giggles while playing games or over the baby monitor, today there are many times I would like to stay home from work to sit and listen to their deep laughs while playing games together. I am in awe and grateful for the relationship they share with one another , their stepdad and dad, me. I am privileged to be allowed to observe and learn from them. My oldest son has blessed us with the opportunity to be part of his now long time relationship with a lovely young woman. She, too, makes him and his brother laugh and in turn is always welcome as a part of our family.
So while I hope to complete WIPs and OTNs this year, if I don't I know it will be because there was a day or two I took the opportunity to just sit and listen to my family giggle.
Wishes of health, happiness, peace, love and laughter to one and all.


Rebekah said...

What a wonderful first post of th enew year. My sister too has two boys that are now nearly grown. One graduating high school this year, one graduated two years now. It's amazing how quickly they grow.

Here's to a wonderful year of knitting and family!

Cheryl said...

Thanks Rebekah..where is your site?
Even as I type this the two "boys" and the GF are laughing together..DH is snoring as he worked last night, LOL...
I sometimes wonder if I didn't have family would I knit? Perhaps but I think it would all go to charity.. Happy New Year

jennhx said...

I can almost hear the giggles and the deep laughter! Lovely post!! I'm just finishing up the Bejeweled Scarf (a belated Christmas gift for my sister-in-law) and love the pattern. Hope you enjoy it too.