Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dale Fox

Apparntly I used up the photo space on last post, here is my stash just received from Kitpicks, Telemark yarn


Pat said...

Hi - I ventured over from Tweeding along. Are you making that sweater with the Telemark??? WOW I want to see that!
Your Bea Ellis Hats are beautiful!
(I'm in MA too - Hudson)

Cheryl said...

Hi Pat...yes I am in Brockton, formerly from the north shore of Boston. Yes I am making that from Telemark...thanks for the knid words about the hats. I love Bea ellis, my son and husband BOTH ordered from her for Christmas besides my ordering, she must have wondered what was going on at my house

Lorri said...

Hello! I am formerly from Quincy. I guess there have been a lot of people migrating out of Massachusetts in recent years. Your Telemark yarn looks exciting. I would be interested to hear how it performs.