Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekly Update

So some of my blog KAL have switched o new blogger but it won't switch me yet so I cannot post new topics on those KALs....hope it works out soon.
So this week I am tired, I have worked a lot and still have one exra shift this week. Hopefully I will get knitting time, but our weather is finally taking a winter turn so I may be busy at work. Anyways..
By the end of this week or next week's update, I will have a hat, two pairs of Fetching, two socks(from different pairs), the sleeves more progree of Lliam and more progress on Hidcote. Ambitious? Absolutely!! DOable? We shall see

Here are some pics,
Inside of two color Fetching for DS
Beginning of hat for DH designed by same
First sock for Vintage Sock KAL

If there is more I will update sooner..


Carrie K said...

You're going to have all that done by Monday? Yowza! There's a Vintage Sock KAL? (Must. Not. Join).

Oh, Hidcote! I almost joined that KAL - it's so pretty. Well worth the 8500 froggings. Eventually.

Cheryl said...

We shall see...busier week than anticipated but still hopeful.. yes Vintage Socks, Jan is a one month challenge, but after that they are 2 months I believe.