Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy July 4th!!!

Happy July 4th!! A day, celebrated in the USA marking our Independence from the Mother land,lol. Yet, where do DH and I want to live , England or Ireland! Go figure, guess we return to our roots. This is the safe way to be this close to fireworks. Growing up in a firefighter family, we were not encouraged to attend firework displays. Too dangerous...but as an adult I have attended a few, but always looking out for the potential mishap. This year DH and I were home with the puppies and kitties. DS1 is married and spent the day with his wife and friends, DS2 is involved and spent the evening with friends and her family. Quiet time around here.

When we were purchasing the house in Dec 2007, the inspector had mentioned the fragility of the stairs leading to the cellar, yes I said cellar, there are certain spots I can stand upright but poor DH has to walk like a troll. A few weeks back GF of DS2 was vacuuming his room and came to tell me she broke the power. The circuit breaker for that area had flipped and no worries, I will go reset it. I almost went through one of the stairs. We have been nursing the whole stairway for some time and finally it is time to replace it and get the cellar cleaned up. While we did build new stairs that will be here long after any of us, the cleanup is still to happen, but I am confident August will be the time.

Here is the beginnings, three new stringers and the risers going up. DH does the figuring and cutting and I generally do the putting together after the stringers.

All risers in place, I thought I broke the screwgun, but it was actually a power driver, very loud but quite effective, lol

The skeletal system, apparently under the old staircase this is where the coal was stored to be put into the stove, we found lots of small pieces after ripping out the old structure.

Nickolas giving the new stairs a try, lol It is a field stone foundation home, primarily and is quite cool in the cellar so the dogs visited quite often.

Nickolas is getting quite big, he is within pounds of Oliver but not as tall. He is one solid little guy though. This is 3y 7m Oliver on left at 77 pounds and 1y 9m Nickolas on right at 74 pounds. They are still so cute, and Phineas is every one's favorite. Everyone has said they will steal him from us, lol. Right just try!!

There is lots of knitting going on. I finally joined a group to knit a project during the course of the Tour de France. I never watched this until becoming involved with DH who is a big cycling enthusiast though he has not been in the saddle for some time ....This is Sunflower Fields shawl(I will provide link later) by a Canadian designer. She is doing a series of TdF inspired shawls and I want to make them all. I am hoping to test knit one in the future. Her name is Natalie Servant, do look her up Ravelry. I am using Sanguine Gryphon Bugga in Smaller Yellow Ant and am adding green and amber beads. When I knot I am constantly looking for places to add bling. Might be my age, might be I am easily distracted by shiny things..

This is Sedna's Shawl, my first project for Camp Loopy. Sheri thought it would be fun to run a three month camp. Premise being, one month to complete and post a picture of three projects, meeting certain criteria, and then at the end be rewarded with a special kit containing Wollmeise yarn. How can you not participate. Note, the presence of beads again. LOL...
DS2 GF celebrated her 22nd birthday on June 18 so we had a little party for her. Never has anyone requested vanilla cake with vanilla icing in this house before!! I actually made a scratch vanilla cake with raspberry filling and vanilla frosting with raspberry frosting for the little flowery parts. The gigantic sprinkles were too funny to not use, after removing the orange and yellow ones as DS2 is allergic to the dye.

The very cute couple. Note she has put the ribbons into her hair. DS2 is colorblind, completely, yet managed to wrap her gift in her favorite color, yellow...awwww

So, another house project ticked , knitting getting done, until next time..

Hi Mom!!!

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